Stunning and the Most Beautiful Beaches of India

Palolem, Goa

The coastline of India stretches for over 7400 km. And although not all beaches are clean and encourage bathing, there are real gems among them, which must be seen in this country.

Here are the most beautiful ones.

Palolem, Goa

Palolem, Goa

Goa is one of the most famous resorts of India. And no wonder, there are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you are looking for peace and respite under a coconut palm, Palolem beach is perfect for that. In contrast to more partying other beaches in Goa, Palolem is forbidden to play loud music after 22:00.

Rushikonda, Andhra Pradesh

Rushikonda beach is located in eastern India. It is a bit hidden, so it is not crowded with tourists taboos. There are strong currents there, that’s why only professionals practice water sports there. However, for most people the most interesting attraction of the beach is Nose Dolphin, as well as the temple of Venkateswara.

Mandarmani, Bengal

Mandarmani is a wild beach in the east of India, away from Calcutta about 4 hours by car. On the 13 km long beach there are ideal conditions for rest, and if you get the right moment, you can also see migrating crabs on it.

Minicoy, Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep means 100,000 islands, but there are actually 36 islands. They are extremely picturesque. You can feel the tropical climate on the soft sand of Minicoy beach, which is located on the southernmost island of the archipelago. There are ideal conditions for snorkeling and diving due to the well-preserved coral reef.

Puri, Odisha

Puri is a city located south of Calcutta. It has a beautiful beach that attracts mainly partygoers. You can also see the 11th-century Jagannath temple there, but the beach is the main attraction. It is possible that the main reason is the possibility to try bhangu, or edible marijuana, which is fully legal in India.

Bekal, Kerala

Bekal is located in the southeast of Kerala, India. It is a sandy beach, which has the additional advantage of the beautiful gardens surrounding it with unusual flowers and stone artistic installations.

Tharangambadi, Tamil Nadu

Tharangambadi was once a Danish colony. It is located in the Bay of Bengal. The city beach is not the only attractive place to visit. The Dansborg Fortress with views of the ocean is also nearby.

Kaup, Karnataka

Kaup is famous for its golden sand and the lighthouse from which you can admire the magnificent panorama. Being there, it is also worth going to the islands of St. Maria, where there are unusual basalt hexagonal columns, millions of years old.

Tarkarli, Maharashtra

If you do not want to share the beach with thousands of tourists, go to Tarkarla. It is an interesting alternative to the crowded beaches of Goa. The sand is white, and if you get bored of sunbathing, you can start diving or surfing – the waters there are perfect for this purpose.

Gokarna, Karnataka

White sands and a lot of dozo-Indian mysticism – all this and much more can be found in Gokarna. If you’re looking for total distancing from the world, head to the wild and hard to reach Crescent beach.