Commercial flying can easily become two things: a safe, fast mode of transportation or your worst nightmare.

For those who have had the latter experience, no need to fret– you have options.

At the mention of flying in a private jet, one would immediately assume the huge sum of money that will be needed to make it happen– and they’re not wrong. Flying in an exclusive jet comes with an intimidating price tag which may be bad for people with faint hearts.

But don’t get discouraged yet, as nowadays there is a high demand for chartering private jets and it may not be as expensive as you’d think it would be.

This spike in demand is mostly due to how easy it has become to rent private jets. Nowadays, even with just downloading an app, you can easily book a chartered flight and with tons of options to choose from at that.

But just in case you want a run-through of what makes up private jet hire prices, let’s explore the factors directly affecting them.

What makes up private jet hire prices?



This is without a doubt one of the most important variables influencing chartered jet rates. The route is a crucial aspect in terms of fuel calculations and overall journey duration because it also influences which aircraft is ideal to charter.

Aircraft Specifications

There are three things to consider when it comes to the aircraft itself: category, type, and age.

The size of an aircraft is referred to as its aircraft category. The larger the jet, the higher the cost of hiring it.

At the same time, the aircraft category goes hand in hand with aircraft type. The larger the aircraft is, the bigger the capacity, hence making it more expensive.

Amenities also vary depending on the aircraft that will be chartered. Usually, the more expensive ones offer a more sophisticated range of amenities than others.

Billable flight time

Time in the air plus any additional other fees (i.e for repositioning) and/or the minimum flight time modifications per day are billed as billable flight time. Billable flight time does not include time spent on the ground.

To give you an idea, a repositioning fee is the flight time expenses associated with flying an airplane to or from a place in order to arrange a charter.

What can I expect from a private jet?

When choosing a private flight, it’s critical to understand what you’ll get out of it. Different jet operators provide different features and services to make your and your company’s travel an even more pleasurable experience.

Exclusivity and luxury are the two main variables that you can look forward to when chartering a private flight.

As we have mentioned in the previous section, amenities differ depending on the type of aircraft to be chartered.

Most jets are equipped with a private bedroom, full-sized bathroom, and even conference rooms! Perfect if you’re taking this flight for business purposes.

Bigger aircraft even have amenities for entertainment purposes. And if you want to take it to the next level, you can even request your preferred interior look. Talk about fancy, huh?

For fur parents, private jet charter companies like Fast Private Jet also offers special assistance when it comes to taking your fur baby with you in flight. Pretty convenient, right?

But more than these luxurious amenities that come with chartering a private jet, what makes it even more ideal is the assurance of your privacy, security, and what is quite possibly the best thing– a faster overall travel time.

Is it worth it to splurge on a chartered flight?

Now, this is a question of preference but whether or not chartered flights are for you, it goes without saying that it is indeed one of the most convenient and comfortable ways to travel around the world.

Private jet travel is more accessible than you might imagine, thanks to companies like Fast Private Jet which makes it easier to book chartered flights depending on your needs.

There are a plethora of platforms that advertise low private jet prices, but it’s wise not to be fooled by offers that seem too good to be true.