Hygiene is going to be the top priority in 2020 and beyond. Never sleep on unsanitary and dirty pillows again, instead take your own Snoooze pillow.

Whether you are staying in a hotel, in a hostel or with friends – you can take your own compactable Snoooze pillow. The Snoooze pillows are personal, portable and most importantly hygienic pillows.

Snoooze World

Made with fibre yet it still feels just like down. Don’t ever ‘share’ a pillow with anyone else again! Every part, from the actual pillow to the case, to the protective bag is washable. You can also easily change the pillowcase when on the go. Keep it clean and protected. Travel safe and ensure your head only rests on your own Snoooze.

Sleep plays a vital role in maintaining good health and well-being throughout life. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety. This can be a challenge when travelling but with Snoooze you can relax and get comfortable even when away from home.

Snoooze World

A unique design developed by Danish designer Ann Sjøgreen Sanger in collaboration with scientists and leading sleep experts. It’s taken the travel world by storm and is already available in 11 UK airports and launching across Europe in 2020. It’s available for worldwide delivery from snooozeworld.com.

The Snoooze and Mini Snoooze are portable pillows that provide a comfortable sleep. They also provide a sense of home away from home. Bringing your own pillow is not only more hygienic it also gives you comforts normally only associated with a good night’s sleep in your own bed. Ann says “Our Snoooze travel pillow is an innovative solution that allows you to have great sleep wherever you are in the world.”

A fantastic christmas gift idea for anyone planning holidays and travel in 2021

Snoooze World

The Snoooze Travel Pillow celebrates its Scandinavian heritage with a simple yet effective design. A special zip feature makes the pillow compressible. It takes up less space in a bag or a suitcase but also expands once unzipped and fluffed up. The Snoooze pillow provides great comfort and support. This makes the Snoooze pillow the perfect travel companion and unique on the market! Just zip it up, roll it up and pop it into your luggage (and under the Christmas Tree this year!). Enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep, anywhere! It comes with a white classic cotton pillowcase and a protective bag. Other pillowcase colours are available as is a luxurious silk case.

The Snoooze pillow (White) retails at £39.99 and The Mini Snoooze (Black) retails at £24.99. The pillows are available in 11 UK Airports as well as Copenhagen Airport.