Sometimes (or more often) I get tired from the precarious life patterns. It’s completely normal and yet we need a break to stop all the rustles of big urban life.

I gave it a thought and probed myself why I felt that way? Why feel the urge to leave everything and run away?

The answer was very simple.  Monotone routine tends to be extremely boring and tiring too.

What did I lose myself into?

In desperate need to refresh myself, drawing compulsion to pack my luggage and move out was strong.

And that’s what I did. Moved out. To travel. An impulsive decision at my part but the exhilaration to see new wonders of world was highly motivating.

I haven’t been to many places, the last memories as a kid on a summer packed holiday was a blur at most. To make a fresh memory of myself in the sun again, at ocean’s shore and the rush of waves and tantalizingly squashy sand in my toes, it seems like a perfect holiday get away.

At verge of another impulsive decision on my part, blindly I put finger on the map. There it was, Morocco, a wild dream came true.

Now, if you are wondering what my reaction was to random picking point, let me tell you at first I thought to stay put but why waver now right? Remember to do a thorough research before planning a getaway so you don’t feel at odds as impulsive as your decision might be.

Travelling solo was the whole point and I couldn’t chicken out now. Daring myself I booked a flight, with Virikson Travel, to mid-southern Agadir for change I was in desperate need of.


Welcome to Agadir!

First of all, know this, busy airports mean luggage crashing and you have to make sure that your luggage is safe in good hands. Thanks to Virikson Morocco Holidays I didn’t feel any problem in flight reservations or hotel bookings. Besides prices were competitive enough for me!

I like to travel light, so all I had was a good amount of carrying bag (I packed only essential items and wanted an excuse for shopping!). Traveling alone for the first time can be a bit scary (I admit) but besides the controversies of being a conservative country, Morocco is a safe point for all travelers alike. People might stare and whisper but you need to ignore that because you are a visitor and again that’s quite normal in such countries.

The smothering warmth at such time of the day (during summer) maybe a bit more for what you may have been bargaining for but air conditioned taxi rides are easily available and drivers give a skillful tour on the way to hotel i.e. if they speak your language. It can be fun too. Virikson agents reaffirms the needs of their customers and the experience via Virikson Travels at last moment was gratifying, my ride was arranged priorly.

Hotel Experience

Arriving at hotel, the hotel staff vigilantly handled luggage and without wasting any further due showed me my room.

The view was as refreshing as I had in my mind. In balcony French doors opened to dazzling view of Atlantic coastline. Private beaches were organized with private pools and massage spas with hamam altogether lessening the stress I was in. It was a welcome change of atmosphere.

Moroccan Cuisine

Next step was to fill up the time travel with delicious cuisine served by Hotel Sofitel. Dining in menu consisted of traditional meals, alongside French and International cuisines alike. One thing a tourist must understand is to always eat at his own peril. No matter how mouthwatering customary dishes look aftermath will be dark for the stomach. Try some safe food for first time, avoid heading directly to hefty meals, you may not be used to spicy tang. Couscous, keftas (lamb meat skewed on coals), Harira, salads and such are succulent enough to try for first time. Couscous jogged an old memory of Hummus I had once at some local Arab restaurant back home. The sugary pastries were divine along Kawah, brew, tasted of mint and strong Moroccan tea leaves left a welcome change of taste to my taste buds.

Fun Time

Already excited for my day I cross checked the schedule agency booked for me. Camel riding upholds a delirious experience for tourist. You definitely don’t get to ride them to your work place.

Tour to main square souks, the local proprietors are story charmers narrating numerous funny stories by conning their way into buying things that you probably don’t need but you can collect souvenirs for your friends and colleagues as presents. Besides, I was at awe observing Crafty handy works on clothes and accessories, they were to marvel at. Hundreds of years old tradition displays are visible not only in handicrafts but The Markets represents a vibrant contrast to sophistication of the hotels and surprisingly spice odor was not unpleasant like I imagined it would be, rather it showed ultra-Moroccan culture where new roots were replacing old heritage.

Moving away from excited souk vendors, the other night, I went camping alongside other tourists. I remember watching Aladdin, felt totally like déjà vu and it was somewhat the same magical experience. Large sand dunes, the oasis nearby, stars twinkling in the sky (they were uncountable!), the sunset was equally astounding in Moroccan land. After dusk, camp building came as a group effort and guide comprehended our time at the bonfire with century old tales while enjoying toasty marshmallows (courtesy of hotel) I had best night outdoors in a very long time.

Back to the hotel on next day I enjoyed the a romatic oil massage relaxing all the knots and the experience in itself was awesome. Excellent spa services with attentive staff it was quite soothing to this city girl.

Morocco Holiday was a wild dream coming true. If you book the right agency you don’t need to hackle yourself for the planning. Either planning a long tour or a short weekend team up with the proficient travel agency. Virikson Travel Agents are pro at fulfilling your wants for holiday of your choice. I had mine. Are you ready for your perfect getaway?