In 2020, there are 1,826,160 people living in Idaho, making it the 14th biggest state in America.

If you’ve been looking to move somewhere completely new, The Gem State might just be the right spot for you. And the exciting news is that there are 225 different cities to choose from!

boise idaho

Keep reading as we go through six amazing places to live in Idaho and all the reasons you should move there and drive to anywhere with the International Drivers Association license.


Otherwise known as “The City of Trees”, Boise is the capital of Idaho and it is the perfect place for families with young children to move to.

Besides being extremely safe, Boise has great schools – so much so, that in 2016, several high schools in the city made the Washington Post’s list of most challenging schools in America.

Additionally, the city has a booming job market, particularly in tech, healthcare and hospitality, which is great news for any parents.


If the outdoors is where you feel most at home, Eagle is the right place for you.

With awe-inspiring landscapes, Eagle is often referred to as “the quiet side of Boise” and anyone who’s saturated with city life would be more than happy there.

As if that wasn’t enough, the cost of living in Eagle is perfectly reasonable!


Since 2000, the population in Meridian has doubled, making it the fastest-growing city in Idaho.

This proves one thing: Meridian is an amazing place to live.

Why is that? Well, the reasons are endless: from the 47 amazing schools to the affordable housing (as you can see on, the family-oriented community, the amazing city parks, the countless cultural activities… we could stay here forever!


Calling all millennials looking for a new place in Idaho!

Although it is a quiet, rural spot, Moscow has been growing in popularity among millennials and, once you learn that the median rent there is $800, it becomes clear why.

Besides being affordable, Moscow is a college town – home to the University of Idaho and New Saint Andrews College – and it is a great place for young people to socialize without having to spend a fortune.

Idaho Falls

If you’ve ever seen photos of Idaho Falls, you know how amazing its nature and landscapes are. And who wouldn’t want to live surrounded by greenery on the riverside?

In Idaho Falls, there’s no shortage of outdoor activities to enjoy, but that’s not all: the city is bursting with pastimes for all ages and tastes, from bowling to The Museum of Idaho, cinemas, and even a zoo!

St Anthony

If you don’t have small children and all you want is to move somewhere calm where you can finally relax and take some time for yourself, you found the perfect spot: St Anthony!

The community couldn’t be friendlier, the housing is incredibly affordable, and the town is perfectly safe, so why not?

Excited to Live in Idaho?

Whether you’re a millennial looking for their first home, a parent of young children, or someone looking for an escape from city life: there’s a perfect place for you to live in Idaho.

So, what did you think about our suggestions? Did any place catch your attention? Let us know in the comments below!