In a galaxy far far away. In a country far far away. In an island that used to be something before called Zamalek.

People from all around the city came to dine and celebrate every weekend night.

The dark side has infected Zamalek with Sushi, Burgers, Cupcakes and Shisha places!

The dark side opened dozens of shops every month. There is no place to park. No place to dine. No place to take your kids out.

The dark side is eating more of Zamalek and destroying what is left of Civilisation. The resistance is rising to try and save what is left of a beautiful island named Zamalek!
So Follow the initiative:


May the force (fourth) be with you is the day we bring back the old Zamalek!

Invest somewhere else, clean the streets, go out elsewhere in the weekends & give back to the community.

Join the resistance #SAVEZAMALEK