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A Magazine for Men where everyone can enjoy some time off the real disturbing news in our World. News mostly from around the globe. Feel free to contribute to our cause.

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We have thousands of registered users from different parts of the world. Our list of writers contains individuals of all kinds, from highly qualified bloggers to common people who have a passion for writing good content.

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Well, actually nothing if you know what is required to post a great content on the internet.

How to submit a guest post for ELMENS.com?

Submitting a guest post on ELMENS.com is very easy, just email us.

Why you should submit a guest post for ELMENS.com?

Submitting a guest post for ELMENS.com offers several compelling benefits:

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Overall, submitting a guest post for ELMENS.com offers a valuable opportunity to reach a wider audience, establish authority and credibility, build relationships within your industry, enhance SEO efforts, increase brand exposure, and receive editorial support and guidance along the way. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or an aspiring contributor, collaborating with ELMENS.com can yield significant benefits for your personal and professional growth.

Guest Posts Guidelines

To maintain the highest standards of quality and perseverance, we ensure that all the content on our platform is original and accurate. So here are some very important things which you should remember when you publish your great content here:

  • Article length: The quality of the article is the very first thing that will top our priority list. Incomplete or irrelevant information is almost like a half-cooked dish. So you wouldn’t want to read that. You will need to write an original piece and also provide accurate details in it. Also, the word count is preferable to be between 800-2500 words which make an article more readable.
  • Give Courtesy: Make sure that you give credit to the individual work which has helped you to create the content. For images make sure to give the credits to the creator and if you have derived the idea of the content from somewhere, you can give them credits as well. At ELMENS.com we show respect to every person’s hard work and talent.
  • Maintain the Uniqueness: Always remember that at ELMENS.com we maintain a 100% original platform. We never allow anyone to copy someone else’s work and use them claiming it to be their own. We run a Plagiarism check on our guest post articles and always try to make sure they are all SEO friendly. If we find any such case, we will immediately ban the culprit and prevent them from posting on our platform. If you taken the help or referred from somewhere, feel free to give them the due credits always.
  • Link Insertions: We sometimes allow link insertions or link placements in existing articles. Provided that they comply with our editorial policy and no infringing of copyright of other authors. The website holds the rights to all the articles published on our platform.
  • Link Shorteners: You can use the following shorteners to reach ELMENS; goo.gl  , bit.ly , cutt.ly, shorturl.at , tinyurl , rebrand.ly, b.link , urlsz , buff.ly , t.co , snip.ly , n9.cl, cutit.org , split.totny.sh