Optimus Prime was found at a wedding back in October stealing the bride away from her groom.
Starting this month Google Chrome will begin flagging every website that doesn't have "HTTPS" in their URL as "Site Not Secure".
Mony Helal was crowned Miss Egypt 2018 and qualified to the 68th Edition of Miss World Pageant scheduled to be held in China this December.
We wrote down 10 reasons you should NEVER marry a medical doctor. If you still have the chance, run girl, run!
His latest project " Minions' summer vacation in Egypt ", One of " The beauty of Egypt" series, is an amazing journey through Egypt with the minions.
From thrilling performance to supreme capability to refined comfort, you’ll have access to the Mercedes-Benz lineup for one flat, monthly fee.
As an Egyptian fan of the assassin's creed franchise, I want to share my view on the game, especially after finishing the game, all the DLCs and playing the game all over again.
Facial skin is very sensitive and after shaving for many years, the skin can never get used to it. Over the years, Men have been affected by all sorts of irritations, red skin, marks, etc..  After our previous review of...
We here have research several ways to reduce your cancer risk as dictated by World Health Organization.
We have been looking for the perfect sports drink after exercise and we have found our ideal drink, BODYARMOR.