5 Advantages of Cloud-based Time & Attendance

AdvantagesofCloud basedTime&Attendance

KloudGin has been supporting businesses and helping them grow by offering top-notch Artificial Intelligence (AI) services for cloud-based attendance. Incorporating AI helps businesses streamline various tasks. It enhances efficiency and boosts productivity. KloudGin has been providing AI solutions since quite some time now.

One thing that keeps KloudGin’s clients hooked on to its services is its ability to stay abreast with the latest technological advancements.

cloud-based attendance

Among other AI services, cloud time clocking and attendance services have been significant for our clients. This intelligent system tracks time on any device to simplify payroll tasks and organize various tasks that require an eye for detail. Here are five advantages of incorporating KloudGin’s cloud-based time and attendance:

Time Clocking

One of our best and most loved features is time clock, which enables employees to keep a tab on time with a single click on any mobile device.

Employees are free to decide whether to use their personal device or company device for this purpose. Time clocking feature helps both employees and employers by tracking breaks, login and logout time, overtime and much more.

It is also integrated with GPS so the company can easily track the whereabouts of its employees during the working hours. This feature is an effective way to enable collaboration among employees and increase productivity.

Automatic Scheduling and Dispatch

Scheduling and dispatch tasks can be accomplished smoothly with KloudGin’s time clock software. It allows advance scheduling and real-time scheduling features which enable accurate scheduling of dispatches.

Dispatch tasks are scheduled and automatically assigned to field service agents with all the information required to carry out the task properly.

This not only eases the task of the backend executive and field agents but further speeds it up and ensures efficiency.

Integration with Payroll and Accounting System

Another advantage of KloudGin software is the ability to attach pre-built connectors with your payroll or accounting system. This feature syncs accurate employee and client cloud time clocking data making your payroll and invoicing tasks easier. KloudGin offers the ease to connect to any system and synchronize data gathered from different sources.

Payroll and accounting tasks involve precision and can be time-consuming but not for businesses that have our customer cloud service in place.

Dashboard and Reports

Creating and maintaining dashboards and generating various reports requires a lot of time, good observational skills and an eye for detail. One small mistake in the data can ruin the entire report.

However, with our time clocking Business Intelligence platform, you can be sure of the data accuracy.

There is no scope of any loophole if you have our time clock software installed. It makes tedious tasks such as updating dashboards and generating reports a breeze.

  • Native Mobile App

This is a multilingual app that works on Android, iOS platforms and html5 for laptops. It comes with GPS functionality enabling you to keep a track of employees and subcontractors, which in turn helps monitor activities.

Time on this app can be tracked on different parameters including warehouse time, breaks, leaves, travel time and more. This helps supervisors assess how effective their team members are and motivates them to perform better.