A new franchise enterprise opens every 8 minutes globally. According to the Department of Commerce, these franchises generate more than $2.3 trillion of economic activity each year. Franchising as an industry has therefore grown in leaps and bounds to become one of the most profitable ventures.

Predictably, most investors are hell-bent on franchising in the informal sectors of the economy. However, there are many other unique segments of the marketplace where you can invest your thirst for a franchise opportunity and reap handsomely.

Here are seven low-cost franchise opportunities that are worth your capital.

What Is a Franchise Business?

In business, some brands or companies may have already built a reputation. Such brands may, however, desire to keep up with their expansion strategy through a partnership with budding entrepreneurs. As such, you can purchase a franchise in the form of a license to use the brand within an agreed business model of agent-principal.

As a franchisee, you get to enjoy the benefits that come with sharing the intellectual property owned by the franchisor. You then pay for the franchisee’s fee for you to be allowed to conduct business using the franchisor’s business system.

Popular brands such as McDonald’s charge as much as $45,000 to own a franchise, but you need to invest as much $2.2 million as a standard operating requirement.

Fortunately, this is not the only franchising option available to you. You may have the choice of other cheaper franchising options that cost as low as $20,000 with a minimal additional financial burden.

1. Jan-Pro 

We all love our offices, clean and cozy. However, do you know how you end up with such well-kept working settings?

Janitors often do a lot around most offices. This makes the role of office cleaning one of the most important.

Jan-Pro is a brand that offers commercial cleaning services to businesses. With the high demand for office cleaners, Jan-Pro capitalizes on professional service delivery. The reputation has earned the brand notable market penetration.

With an initial franchise fee of $5000 to $44, 000, you can have a share of this budding franchise opportunity. As of 2019, Jan-Pro had a total of 10,090 units in operation.

2. Checkers and Rally’s

It’s not complete to have a discourse around franchises without featuring opportunities in the food sector.

With the growing culture around fast foods in the United States, it’s evident that such a franchise is bound to pay off with time.

Are you looking for low-cost franchise opportunities? Then Checkers and Rally’s burger chain could be your ultimate option.

The franchise fees when starting a Checkers Hamburger Franchise is around $30,000 per location. You may need an estimated initial capital ranging between $203,000 to about $627,200.

With the demand for fries and sand witches, this is an option that’s worth the sweat.

3. Soccer Shots

Franchises have often taken the most common route, which in most cases, is the fast-foods direction. Now imagine going for an option that’s less common like the proverbial road that’s less traveled. Well, you could make a fortune by investing in a youth soccer franchise.

With a franchise cost of $ 34,500, and a starting investment as low as $41,034, you could be on a path towards working with Forbes’ best franchise buy of 2019. You only need to have a passion for sports and a little interest in nurturing talent, and you’ll be in business.

4. Dream Vacations 

The travel and tours sector has witnessed steady growth in recent years.

With a more stable economy, Americans are finding it worth the sacrifice to save up and head out for vacays.  If you have an interest in tours, then Dream vacations could be worth your investment.

You only need to have an initial franchise pay of around $9,800 to start off. You must then have at most $20,300 as your total initial investment. Dream Vacations is among the entrepreneur 500 companies with a notable reputation as best home-based Franchise.

5. Jazzercise 

Have you heard the craze around Zumba? Well, Jazzercise is the more accessible version of Zumba, with growing demand and recognition among fitness enthusiasts.

This brand of global aerobics stands an inch ahead of most upcoming gym and fitness establishments. The outstanding status is due to the brand name it has gained over time.

It will only cost you around $1,250 as the initial franchise cost. From there, you only need about $17,155 to keep the investment going. Having been awarded the Best Gym and Fitness Franchises of the year 2019, this investment will undoubtedly take you to the next level of economic growth.

6. Mosquito Authority Is Among the Worthwhile Low-Cost Franchise Opportunities

Are you looking for something unique in the franchising industry? Well, you may need to consider an option that has a groundbreaking implication on the market. Mosquitoes are a common concern in most American homes.

How about becoming the mosquito buster?

With the mosquito authority, you can buy a superior mosquito control franchise with ascertained recurrent revenue and proven profitability. The initial cost of a franchise is $25,000 and an initial capital investment of $93,000.

If you are keen on investing in an industry-leading science venture, then the Mosquito Authority is worth the try with over 510,000 residential treatments. Investing in mosquito control is among the franchise opportunities that pay handsomely.

7. Anago Cleaning System

With the growth of small and medium-sized businesses, office space is becoming a critical consideration for most companies. Are you looking for a business venture with returns in 2020? Then Anago cleaning is the go-to option.

You only need an initial franchise cost of $32,300, and you’ll be ready to start operations. By 2017, Anago was ranked 84th in the top 500 list of franchise entrepreneurs.

You Only Know Your Worth When You Try

Franchises have become a common trend in most states. While you may have the option of trying out diverse sectors, an investment in the franchising industry may require that you focus on the less flooded segments of the economy.


Mosquito control may be among the profitable low-cost franchise opportunities for you. You only need to put in a little attention to detail, and profitability will be a guarantee.

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