The very basic principle of Law can be said is “Equality before Law”, if a person violates any rule laid by the constitution or the government, or any authority is equal in the eyes of law, but the irony is that the language of law or courts procedures are ‘all Greek to the common man’, a person who is unaware of these can never claim justice or never defend itself against accusations. Thus, for this reason, the people look for people who are experts with laws and regulations and procedures of the court. This is in case of legal battles people turn to best advocates.

What are the characteristics of a good advocate?

An advocate is a person, who fights on behalf of the clients with limited facts and has the ability to defend and prosecute. Let us read what makes a good lawyer?

Firstly, professionalism and courtesy are two basic qualities that a good lawyer is supposed to have as a good lawyer understands that they need to treat their clients nicely client care is important in every business.

Quick Responsiveness: The lawyer must have the ability to deal with all kinds of situations and events in the most crucial manner, timely research, planning, execution, on the date of hearing is on-time these activities if performed will make up the best advocates with regards to a good professional character.

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Organisational: there is a misconception that an advocate’s desk is bound to be a messy as against this, according to basic characteristics of a good lawyer his/her desk is bound to be organized, as a good lawyer does not have the time to go fishing one the desk for matter, paper or relevant stuff. Staying organised, helps them keeping a routine check.

The best advocates are all good listeners, for an advocate to make up the arguments it is necessary to first listen to the facts and details.

Understanding the different legal aspects of marriages in India.docx

Skills Required to be a Good Advocate

The qualities that make an advocate among the best include:

• Good Communication skills: all good advocates are good speakers, and also have great writing skills, to argue with much persuasiveness before the judges in a court of law, extempore speaking is a great plus to have, this can be developed at the graduation level by simply participating in co-curricular activities like moot courts, youth parliaments and model united nations and various other competition.
• Researching skills: researching skills is another crucial skill for the best advocates to have. An advocate while researching must ensure that his research is relevant and the legal strategies that can satisfy the client’s interest must be kept in mind.
• Logical reasoning: The good advocates are bound to have logical reasoning, as the basic entrance to this field have a good amount for coverage for the basic reason to skill the advocate with the ability to design best conclusions based on reasonability.
• Enquiring skills: The best advocates are supposed to be able to force out the information out of the clients as some clients try to hide or provide the entire scenario, and hence this skill is very important for framing the case, as the missed details can cause disastrous. This skill should be coupled with analyzing ability as with the facts comes with the responsibility of making the case stronger on this basis.
• Comprehension skills: If an advocate doesn’t understands the major or the soft details in a case will never become a good lawyer.

Imagine our current time without the best advocates, getting justice would become so difficult. It is them who fight our battles and get us served with justice, the judiciary would lose its true meaning with the absence of Advocates.