When was the last time you pampered your vehicle?

Whether its car servicing or car wash, a little care now and then will keep your vehicle looking great while reducing wear & tear.

Like your closet and even your home, your vehicle deserves an upgrade every few years. If the cost of car renovation is pinching you hard, you can opt for cheaper and smarter ways to give it a brand new look without burning your pocket.

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That said, we bring you a list of affordable car detailing tips that will beautify your vehicle like never before!

Regular washing

Oh, the wonders of regular washing!

Keeping your vehicle free from dust and filth will do half the job here. However, following the right steps is crucial to accomplish the desired results.

window tint car

After the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned (check out the Fortador article on steam cleaners for car detailing) with a reliable car wash concentrate or soap & water mixture, rinse it well and leave it to dry. Apply a protectant and wipe it with a clean cloth. Complete the process by rubbing wax on the car for a shinier and attractive look.

Invest in quality upholstery

Whether your car upholstery is outdated or torn, there is no need to fret.

Hire the experts of mobile car detailing in Gold Coast to sew up the torn seats, giving it a seamless finish. Also, purchase high-quality car covers to protect your seats from further damage while updating its look.

Don’t forget your steering wheel. Get a comfortable yet stylish cover for the steering wheel as well.

The wheel upgrade

Nothing shows off car detailing as a wheel upgrade. This particular part of your car attracts a lot of attention, and so giving it an updo would work incredibly well in your favor.

maintenance of car

However, a fair warning- wheel upgrade might cost you a little extra than others in this list. But undoubtedly, it’s worth every penny!

Replace the mats

Any person sitting in your car will surely notice your car mats. If they aren’t as pretty as the rest of your vehicle, then a nasty look is what you will receive.

Worn out mats are useless for you. That said, replace them with new ones and get them cleaned every few months for longevity.

Also, focus on your vehicle’s carpeting and get it shampooed every few months to eliminate the need for replacements.

Get the dents out

Dents are a big no-no. car

To deal with them, hire the specialists of mobile car detailing in Gold Coast and let the experts handle the rest. They can also help you with scratches and repainting where needed.

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Try to park your vehicle or ask the mobile car valet to park it in the shade and enclosed areas to avoid UV damage and accidents.

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The way you treat and maintain your car has a lot to say about you. The more you spend in its maintenance, the better and longer it will serve you. And these tips will help you achieve your goals without shelling out too much. Bookmark this article for future reference.