If there is one thing we learned during this pandemic, it is that many of our jobs can be done remotely – a large percentage of people do not need to be in the office and can be just as productive no matter where they are.

However, even before this shift in thinking, there were some jobs you could take if you were feeling adventurous and wanted to travel the world instead of sitting in one place. Our friends at Ventura MedStaff share some of the most common professions that let you be a free spirit and not settle in one location – at least not until you are ready.

Long-Haul Driver

Pros and Cons of Truck Driving

Well, this is hardly a surprise, is it? Truckers and coach drivers tend to spend a large portion of their careers (and lives on the road). In fact, their job IS on the roads, delivering cargo and passengers in turn, never staying long in one place. The financial compensation of a long-haul truck driver is significant, but it does come with a few drawbacks.

Truckers tend to have fairly tight schedules, meaning they may not have the time to properly experience the cities and towns they visit, spending most of their downtime in their trucks at truck stops. But, if an open road is what you’re after, you may want to consider trucking as a career.

Flight Attendant/Pilot

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) pilots

Two more common traveling professions can be found in the air travel industry – both pilots and flight attendants get to travel across the world (or region, depending on the job), but unlike truckers, they do often have downtime, enough to properly visit their new town until their next shift takes them miles and miles away.

These two professions differ in monetary compensation, as well as the skill level required, but are so intrinsically linked, that it is hard to put them in a separate category.

Traveling Nurse

Why Should You Start Career with A Masters in Healthcare Administration?

Being a nurse is a noble calling, and one that is particularly sought-after. There are plenty of places (especially remote places, or places that had a rapid population boom) that cannot meet the demand from their local population. That’s why they offer temporary contracts (with significant compensation) to any qualified nurse willing to relocate for a short period of time.

Typically, travel nurse contracts last between 2 months and just under a year and offer nurses with a bit of wanderlust a chance to explore. Some of the most common locations that look for traveling nurses include Alaska, Hawaii, New York, and Texas.

Digital Services Contractor

Digital Nomad

One of the modern professions you can get, as long as you have the knowledge is a freelance digital service provider. Freelancers have the benefit of not having to be present at a given time – as they are typically paid by the project. All that is expected of them is to meet the deadline and to provide a valuable service.

‘Digital services’ is a broad term, and deliberately so. It includes everything from programmers to graphic designers, to marketing specialists and translators. With the advent of freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, the freelancing profession has really exploded and expanded – leading to the popularization of digital nomads – people who move to cheaper countries and work for rich countries, saving a lot of money in the process, and living in their ideal country.

There are plenty of other traveling professions, depending on your skills, experience, work ethic and more. All in all, if you are really looking for a traveling career, there’s not much stopping you from experiencing life at your own pace and under your own rules. Happy travels.