When you are searching for staff, you are not sure which recruitment agency is right for you? With around 30, 000 agencies in the UK, each varying in approach and specialism, picking just one can be difficult.Do you require some help in deciding? Then read and find out what you should be thinking about when selecting a recruitment agency like Hunting Hired Australia.

What Is The Vacancy?

Let’s start with the basics. When you are deciding which recruitment agency to contact, the first question any employer should ask themselves is, “What exactly is the role I am recruiting for?” This may look obvious, but being clear about the vacancy will make it easy to choose the right service.

Temporary or permanent? Executive or junior?  Jack of all trades or skilled?

All of such things have an effect on which recruitment agency you should work with, so consider what you are searching for.

What Type Of Agency Is Fit For You?


Once you have decided on the candidate criteria, listing down the right type of agency should not be very difficult. There are four different kinds of recruitment agency fundamentally:

  •     High Street
  •     Temp.
  •     Executive search
  •     Industry specialist.

Depending on the vacancy, a few of these services will be more relevant to you than others. There are two firms who do all of the other things, so you want to look around and compare a few different Agencies.

Should You Use A Headhunter?

Headhunting, also known as executive recruitment, search, and selection, or executive search, is a form of recruitment that is used to make senior-level appointments. The approach of an executive recruiter varies from that of a traditional agency as in a sydney recruitment agency, as they will look to engage with passive candidates.

When To Choose Headhunter?

Headhunters approach to fill c-suite, niche, or management vacancies. So if you require a managing director or chief financial officer, then the headhunting service may be a suitable option.

Even executive recruiters pride themselves on finding the perfect candidate, the method is more intensive and costly. This is something which you should consider before making a choice. If you do not think you need a headhunter then try a high street agency or an agency that specializes in your market. These provide equally good services and may be more suited to your needs.

 Who Else Have They Worked With?

To get the measure of a recruitment agency, you have to look at their clients. A good agency must contain a large number of successful campaigns in their portfolio.

You will usually be able to see this in the form of testimonials, some agencies even list companies they have worked with on the website. If you find big names businesses or competitors, then this agency is a credible one.


Selecting any recruitment agency is easy but selecting the right recruitment agency for you can be more challenging. If you want to search through a number of recruitment agencies, all in one place then visit some sites online which will help you find the best service for your requirement.