Vegetable and Fruits Boxes

Packing your fruits and vegetables is very important, and it needs some special attention. All the other material are either homemade or artificial and do not need to be kept so much fresh, but when we talk about the fruits and vegetable corrugated boxes, you need to take care of them. They need to be kept fresh and pure all the time so they can be consumed at any time.

Do Fruits and Vegetables Stay Fresh in Corrugated Boxes? 2

There are several tricks, which are involved in packaging your fruits and vegetables, but you also, need to, first of all, choose the right kind of box that you will be used to pack all of your things in.

Since there are many different boxes, some of the specialists claimed that the corrugated boxes are responsible for keeping most of the fruits and vegetables fresh all the time. It was being observed that the corrugated boxes can keep the strawberries fresh for a longer time as when we compare it to any other kind of box that it has been packed in.

There was a study conducted, and through practical experiments, this theory was confirmed by the scientist.

Do Fruits and Vegetables Stay Fresh in Corrugated Boxes? 2

Why Corrugated Boxes?

Corrugated boxes are the ones, which have been specially made out of the paper or the cardboard. While the cardboard is a lot more thick, these boxes are made with a technology to keep it slim and breathable.

Do Fruits and Vegetables Stay Fresh in Corrugated Boxes? 2

Other boxes such as the cardboard or the plastic boxes are also widely used by people to store their material in, but the corrugated boxes have been used by most of the people to protect it even more. The plastic boxes can start to stop the air, which is entering the boxes, which would then result in the fruits suffocating because of the unavailability of the air and rotting.

The corrugated boxes have been made in such a way to keep the air crossing all the time in the boxes and still protecting it from the outside harm. You can keep them inside for a longer period without having to worry about the quality of your fresh products being compromised,and you can then sell it all at any time that you want.

Using the plastic boxes might sound like a good idea to some people, but since plastic is all about the artificial things and that is what it has been made out of, you need something more like the original and the natural product like the corrugated boxes. They have been made lighter and to keep all of your material fresh in them.

Printing of Corrugated Boxes

Printing your corrugated boxes according to the fruit that you are selling or the company that you own is very easy. You can print any design or fruits on it that you want and market your product right.

Keeping the designs on your corrugated has always been easy, but when you are dealing with the farm fresh vegetables and fruits, you need to be more careful about the designs and the patterns that you are going to print on your boxes. They need to be simple, sophisticated and you must include some fruit that you are packing in it too.

Do Fruits and Vegetables Stay Fresh in Corrugated Boxes? 2

If you are getting the corrugated boxes online for your products, you can get them made from scratch and print them the way you want according to your needs. Sometimes, people like leaving their boxes empty and do not print anything on them, but that is a wrong practice.

You need to print your boxes according to the needs of your products and company even if you are selling it all in bulk. You will still have to keep your marketing right by making your products more outstanding with your unique packaging.

Holes in the Bottom

A lot of people practice making these holes at the end of their boxes so the air can easily cross in the box and keep their products fresh, but these holes do not work in all kinds of boxes.

When you are using a plastic box, the product might be fresh for the first one or two days but even after making the necessary holes to let the air cross, the plastic boxes will still not be able to let the air cross properly, and the products being stored in it will expire very quickly.

Do Fruits and Vegetables Stay Fresh in Corrugated Boxes? 2

When we talk about the corrugated boxes, they are responsible for making and keep the products very fresh for a very long time. Most of the people even keep layers of some corrugated paper on the top of other fruits or products and then add another layer of the fruits or vegetables so they can all stay fresh all the time.

Instead of adding just several layers of fruits, they prefer adding the layers of since the air can still cross through it and your products can stay fresh and pure for longer periods.

Do Fruits and Vegetables Stay Fresh in Corrugated Boxes? 2

If the normal cardboard boxes were to be used instead of the corrugated packaging, the products would still not be able to be so fresh since it is thick enough to stop all kinds of air that had to enter it and make the products go bad.


If you are looking for the right kind of box to pack up your any fruit or vegetable, in bulk or small packets, you can use the corrugated boxes without any hesitation. These boxes will keep your products fresh, and you will be able to store them in it for a longer period instead of having to sell it quickly, so they do not go bad in the very first days in which they were packed.