English is the most common language around the world, and one should have a good command over the language. Whether you have to take an English Language test or just improve your skills, it is recommended to take English classes from a good teacher.

There are ample online English tutors that can help you learn the language. A good tutor will help you with any problem you face while learning English and improve your overall skills. You will go through various methods of learning and take tests.

Teaching is fun and entertaining, and a good tutor will make sure you enjoy your English class. Check out these 9 websites to find your dream English tutor.

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  1. MyPrivateProfessor

If you are looking for a professional online learning space to polish your language skills, MyPrivateProfessor is worth considering. With hand-picked, experienced tutors from top universities, they offer the best online tutoring in USA. Not only does it eliminate the geographical constraints, but it also makes learning a breeze with convenient, video conference sessions.

The best thing about this website is, you get a strategy and lesson plan tailored to your individual needs. If you are preparing for SAT or ACT exams to get entry to your dream university, MyPrivateProfessor is your go-to place.

  1. Facebook

Many professional and individual tutors run their websites, and you will find their page on Facebook. Just make a simple English tutor search on the social media platform and check out the results. It is a good way to find tutors, but some of the pages you find may not be available anymore. You can even ask your friends on Facebook for recommendations and suggestions.

The price range here will depend on the particular teacher you hire. A well-known tutor may charge more, while a new tutor will ask for less money.

  1. Preply

Preply has over 2000 teachers to help you out with anything related to the English language. You will take your classes over Skype and can leave ratings and reviews regarding your experience here. You can leave a request on their website, and the tutor will contact you himself.

The price depends on the quality and experience of the tutor here. There are over 2000 tutors with different levels of experience. The best tutors will ask for more money as usual.

  1. WyzAnt

For people who live in the United States, WyzAnt is a great website to locate English tutors. This is the best place for people looking for tutors for a test or examination as most of the tutors there are university or college teachers with proper degrees and certificates.

You can look for particular teachers like English Grammar or an English Writing teacher. This is a great tool to search for quality tutors, but the price is high on this platform.

  1. Verbling

Verbling is another website for online tutoring that helps language students find tutors. Most teachers on this platform are native speakers and have years of experience in speaking and teaching the language. Private and classroom teachers are available here.

You can look out for the availability of teachers and find speakers of your native language to teach you English. It is a great platform for language learners, and the prices are affordable too.

  1. Chegg Tutors

Chegg Tutors is the place where people come with specific doubts and questions regarding a particular topic. This is not the place if you are looking for a permanent English tutor. You enter your question, and the website searches for a tutor who can help you out with that. It is perfect for those who need a quick answer to a question related to English. The prices here are charged on an half-hour or 30-minutes session. Rates are not very high, and one can use this easily.

  1. Tutor

Tutor is the best website for those who want to get their writing checked or have a question regarding an assignment. You will find tutors every time of the day available to help you out with any written work. You will receive proper feedback and suggestions for your writing.

You will get help for essays, books, homework, projects, etc. Prices vary and are charged according to 1-hour, 2-hour, or 3-hour classes over a month. You can get a discount for a first-time trial class.

  1. TakeLessons

Since 2006, TakeLessons has been connecting experienced teachers and students. You will find music lessons, sports coaching, academic teachers, and many other teachers here. Most of the English tutors here are experienced, and you can find local tutors as well.

Music lovers can search for guitar classes here. Use the coupon code GET LESSONS to get a discount for your first class. Pricing depends on your requirement and the teacher here. Well-known and experienced tutors charge more.

  1. Craigslist

You can find almost everything on Craigslist, and English tutors come under that category. You can put an advertisement or search for available online English instructor and  teachers on the platform. Be alert here as many people set up scams here and rob people of their money. Enter your country and then search for tutors in your area. The pricing will depend on you and the tutor. You can talk and set up the rates privately.


If you are looking for an experienced English tutor and don’t have the time to take offline classes, there are plenty of options available online. Head over to any of the above9 websites to find the best private English teacher that will help you master online English tutoring in USA.