With passing years, the children grow and develop and their education also takes a step further. All grades lead to the development of their intelligence but the level of difficulty also increases. The 11th  grade is considered a change in a student’s life and is an important class as it forms the basis of their Grade 12 lessons. Therefore it is advisable to choose the stream carefully. But out of all the streams, maths is a subject which is common in all the streams. Students face a lot of difficulties in Maths as many new topics are introduced to them. For this purpose try to inculcate a habit of practicing maths religiously. Try to start from NCERT because it is considered one of the best books to date.

After strictly adhering to the questions of the NCERT Textbook, it is advisable to refer to additional material to complete and know the various questions. In addition, the habit of going through reference books contributes to higher standards as well. For this purpose, RS Aggarwal is considered one of the best books. The solutions provided by this book are so easy for children to grasp.

Students face difficulties in Maths subject It is important for the learners to first become familiar with the concepts in each and every chapter and develop a proper understanding of them because the principles taught in chapters in grade 11 are also applied to higher levels. To prepare well for a chapter, students need to be well-organized and willing to give of themselves in this study.

First, knowing the content of the chapter is important, and also the additions and deletions should be kept in mind. For this purpose, RS Aggarwal is considered the bestseller because it follows all the aspects and keeps everything in mind, the deletions, additions, important topics, and all. Also, it is renewed every year with new questions and sample papers to practice.

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The topics which are covered under the RS Aggarwal Class 11th Solution are:

* Sets Solutions

* Relations Solutions

* Functions Solutions

* Principle of Mathematical Induction Solutions

* Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations Solutions

* Linear Inequations [In one variable] Solutions

* Linear Inequations [In two variables] Solutions

* Permutations Solutions

* Combinations Solutions

* Binomial Theorem Solutions

* Arithmetic Progression Solutions

* Geometrical Progression Solutions

* Some Special Series Solutions

* Measurement of Angles Solutions

* Trigonometric, or Circular, Functions Solutions

* Solutions of conditional Identities Involving the Angles of a Triangle

* Trigonometric Equations Solutions

* Solution of Triangles

* Graphs of Trigonometric Functions Solutions

* Straight Lines Solutions

* Circle Solutions

* Parabola Solutions

* Ellipse Solutions

* Hyperbola Solutions

* Applications of Conic Sections Solutions

* Three-Dimensional Geometry Solutions

* Limits Solutions

* Differentiation Solutions

* Mathematical Reasoning Solutions

* Statistics Solutions

* Probability Solutions

Features of RS Aggarwal Solutions:

* All questions contain multiple solutions. The one which is most suitable can be accepted by students.

* Solutions are made by mentors, teachers, and experts.

* Solutions are prepared using a reliable source.

* For each and every question complete, relevant, and accurate solutions are provided.

* These solutions are also helpful in preparing not only for school exams but also for competitive exams.

* Solutions are presented and explained in such a way that even a difficult topic becomes easy.

* Solutions are published in the neat and clean language.

* They are given in a dignified manner that is the level goes from easy to difficult in the right order.

Reasons to prefer RS Aggarwal solutions:

* Class 11 RS Aggarwal Solutions carries all the essential problem-solving strategies that are needed to build a solid mathematical base for all aspirant students who wish to pursue professional studies after their boards.

* The syllabus compiled in the RS Aggarwal Grade 11 textbook is closely aligned with the NCERT syllabus and provides general guidance for the pre-competitive student.

*  The RS Aggarwal 11th Class Syllabus solution covers many key topics that are an integral part of high-level maths that are not only important in 11th-grade tests.

*  They are also fundamental to entry-level engineering tests such as JEE.

* It provides well-structured and concise solutions to well-organized questions which is the key to mastering a large syllabus.

* To understand the higher concepts in the 12th class, one has to go through with RS Aggarwal Class 11 Solutions.

Tips to focus on while practicing from RS Aggarwal:

* Create a list of key properties.

* Make notes theory.

* Try doing maths in your portable notebook with pencil and scale.

* The questions from geometry chapters should start with ‘Given’ and ‘To Prove’.

* Students usually skip steps while practicing, they think that it will waste their time so they start from the main steps. But do not skip steps even while practicing.

* If you will skip steps then it will become your habit which in turn leads to many mistakes in your final exam.

* All important and tricky questions should be written in a separate notebook for review before the exams.

* Lastly, try to read with a clear and happy mind. Your mind should be fresh so that your concentration power increase and you would be more focused.


As seen from the past years’ RS Aggarwal is very popular and is prescribed by students especially of 11th class the most. Hence, RS Aggarwal proves to be an outstanding book for solutions for class 11th. Apart from its study material the best aspect of this book is that the book can be downloaded in pdf format from the internet for free. You can just search for RS Aggarwal Solutions For Class 11 PDF and all the solutions from each and every chapter would be presented in that pdf. Just download the pdf and keep it with you for the whole academic year and keep on practicing questions from it.