Absolutely! Students seeking enticing and lucrative career options must choose a b pharma course in 2022. Why? According to rating agency ICRA (Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency), the pharmaceutical industry in India is projected to grow at 9-11 percent in 2021-2022. The agency also ascertained that the growth rate would be driven by domestic and emerging markets in the next few quarters. The outlook for the pharmaceutical industry remains stable, led by healthy revenue growth and margins, the rating agency said.

In addition, the India Brand Equity Foundation report shows that the nation stands at the third position worldwide in terms of pharmaceutical productions after the United States of America and China with market size of approximately USD 42 billion and ranks 14th by value. The Indian pharma industry has witnessed a rapid rise in the past three years, and the advancement in the research field has opened doors to multiple newer avenues.

With technological advancements, sales revenue growth, and a highly-skilled workforce, the Indian pharmaceutical sector is expected to perform well in 2022 and is projected to increase to USD 1.5 trillion by 2023. Thus, it is the perfect time to launch your career in the pharma sector just by considering B. Pharmacy admissions in 2022.


Introduction to B. Pharmacy course

Bachelor of Pharmacy or B. Pharmacy is a four-year undergraduate program in the field of pharmacy. This professional undergraduate degree is divided into eight semesters and deals with the study of medicines.

The four-year course covers core subjects, such as pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, and pharmacognosy. Some top universities in India also offer electives, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Design Thinking, and Data Analytics, besides major subjects.

Students will gain in-depth knowledge of the chemistry of medical compounds, manufacturing of dosage forms (tablets and capsules), the action of drugs on the human body and the body’s reaction to drugs, and medicinal drugs obtained from plants other natural resources.

A B. Pharmacy degree is essential in many countries to seek registration to practice as a pharmacist. In fact, students can also choose to become drug inspectors, project managers, researchers, or business research analysts. Moreover, a B. Pharmacy graduate can make their careers in a spectrum of industries, such as Quality Control/Assurance, Healthcare Data Analytics, Manufacturing, Food Industry, Sales and Marketing, and Cosmetic Industries.

Entry requirements for B. Pharmacy course in India

Admission to the B. Pharmacy course in India is majorly based on standard entrance examinations conducted by government/state colleges. However, a few top-notch universities also take admissions based on a cut-off or merit list. So, for access to the B. Pharmacy course,

• students must have scored a minimum of 50 percent marks at the higher and senior secondary levels, and
• students must have opted for Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics, and English as major subjects in class 12.


Now that you have learned about the benefits of taking up a B. Pharmacy course, apply to the top-notch universities in India to launch a career in the fastest-growing field. Enroll now!