Studying in Canada for most of us comes as an option. While it may not be the first option we have, it is definitely one of the best. Canadian universities and the government make it one of the safest and the best places for international students to pursue their MS in Canada.

Education in Canada varies from university to university and they are province or territory based. Hence, it is a land that offers you a diverse education system you can pick from.

Here are some of the tips by Inspirus on how to pursue MS in Canada.

1. Research about the country:

Read about Canada as a country and Canada as an education providing body. Both of these have different aspects of themselves. Once you read enough articles about student life there, read about lifestyle in Canada. If both of these match your requirements, you are good to focus on Canada. The country has diverse landforms and many cultures, hence you have various options when you want to choose a particular place or university to move into.

2. Look for the eligibility:

Eligibility for international students varies from country to country. Hence, you need to see if your qualifications match the requirement. Once you know that you are eligible, it is easy for you to prepare for the respective exam and focus on getting a seat.

3. Plan your budget:

Even if Canada isn’t as expensive as the USA, you will still have to bear the cost of studying in another country. Hence, you must plan your finances well. Also, when you know how much you can spend you can match what country or university lies in that domain and you can move forward with that. Sometimes you can also get scholarships which will be a great help for your education. It is discussed in further steps.

4. Get a consultant:

Education consultants help you from understanding your requirement for landing a seat in the University of your choice. They are a good source of information and their guidance will be very useful in the end.

5. Write the  relevant exam:

Along with all the above planning, you will also have to focus on getting really good scores. Universities in Canada have high goal scores and cut-offs. You will need to score well to get into good universities. Especially the top universities have strict eligibility, academic background, and score requirements.

6. Get fluent at your language:

Canada is majorly home to English and French-speaking people. Hence, you will have to be fluent at either of these languages. Apart from preparing for your entrance, spend some time making yourself comfortable talking in that language as you will have to do 90% of your interactions in that language.

7. Apply for scholarships:

The most common tip when it comes to studying abroad is applying for a scholarship. You will need to be up to date with the scholarship schemes. Canada especially is very intense when it comes to student support programs not just by universities but also by the government. Many schemes help you pay off partial and complete course fee and some also include accommodation expenses. Be alert and keep yourself active on these portals.

8. Embrace the experience:

Last but not least you need to accept the experience. Canada is a great place to pursue your masters in and then if you want to, you can move to the USA. Canada is believed to be very diverse and friendly to anybody from the outside. Hence, it stands out as one of the best-preferred options after the USA for Masters.

Tips for pursuing MS in Canada

Now let us see some of the reasons why one should consider studying in Canada:

1. The lifestyle:

The lifestyle in Canada is the best. It has both the vibe of college life and also the ambiance of peaceful countryside living. The universities are all located in the hearts of the cities and are the happening places. The cost of living is also affordable and very less compared to the USA.

2. The landscapes:

If you ever feel lost in the city haul, Canada has so many beautiful getaway places. You can get a quality education and enjoy your stay at the same.

3. Safety:

After arguments on safety for international students in the USA, Canada stood out to prove itself one of the safest places for students landing there. You can be of any nationality, Canada will give you a sense of being at home and that is why it is loved the most.

4. Warmest neighborhoods:

Along with the government, the people of Canada are very welcoming. You can have a wonderful stay without a doubt.

5. Culture:

The university campuses have many inter-cultural fests to bring in all the students together. You can also find thousands of other students who fled from different parts of the world on your campus. At the end of the day, you will be opening up to many other cultures around you.

You can also read other articles describing the Canadian student life in-depth to understand and help you decide if this is something you are looking for. To conclude, Canada is another dream country to do your MS in.