As the global climate continues to change at a rapid pace, we should pay attention. Global warming means that ice caps will melt, sea levels will rise, the ocean salinity will drop, and we will pay a serious price.

Though the world naturally cycles through climates, NASA scientists say that humans are 95% responsible for the rapid changes happening now. Climate change organizations strive to find ways to slow and maybe even reverse some of the damage.

Do you know who fights for change?

5 Cool Climate Change Organizations

Supporting the non-profit organizations that work to spread pertinent information and heal our planet means preserving our world as we know it. Read on to learn about five of the best climate change organizations!

Zero Energy

1. Climate Leadership Council

Founded by Ted Halstead, this organization seeks to educate people on carbon emissions and turn the global opinion towards a carbon dividends framework. This system taxes corporations based on their carbon footprint in an attempt to drive them towards practices that lower their emissions.

This does not force businesses to lower their emissions. But, it charges them based on their impact on climate change, creating an incentive to do so.

The organization sees this as the fairest and most equitable solution to halting climate change. Look to the Ted Halstead Wikipedia Page to learn more about his mission with this organization and his other three non-profits that play into this mission.

2. Greenpeace

Greenpeace focuses on all aspects of environmental abuse in a movement to “Ensure the ability of the Earth to nurture life in all its diversity.” In this mission, they research, expose, and confront those responsible for the assault on the environment.

This independent organization uses peaceful protests to creatively change the way people think and behave. They made major climate change progress by blocking a Dutch coal plant, and have accomplished so much more since founded 49 years ago.

3. Earthjustice

This non-profit group of lawyers, research analysts, scientists, and policy experts fights for the Earth through the court of law. They fight for a number of environmental issues, including climate change. Through their efforts, this organization has helped implement clean energy in an effort to reduce carbon emissions and won cases to protect the ecosystem and build a more sustainable way of living.

4. The Solutions Project

The Solutions Project uses stories, grants, collaboration, and celebration to accelerate the movement for clean energy. They find realistic solutions to help us transition to renewable energy across the United States while fighting for climate change.

5. 350.Org

This is one of the top climate change charities. The number 350 stands for the ceiling we should set for CO2 in parts per million.

This global grassroots organization looks to the areas most affected by climate change and listens to the people for the solutions they hope to see. The nonprofit then holds leaders accountable and pressures governments backed by science ad in the pursuit of justice.

Follow the Leaders

Follow the leaders of change to take part in improving our world. These climate change organizations took the initiative to fight for a more responsible way of living.

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