Wind energy is a source of renewable, non polluting, endless energy that over the last decades has become the best alternative to traditional sources of energy like fossil fuels. This type of energy can be obtained from wind farms anywhere in the world, making them the perfect source of energy for any of your projects.

Wind energy: the energy of the future

Wind has always been a source of energy for humankind. From sailing ships to mills, humans have always found endless utilities in which to use wind for. And during 1887, the first project to turn wind energy into electricity appeared.

Wind energy is generated with a very basic premise: the kinetic energy generated by wind currents is turned into electricity. Nowadays, wind farms operate supplying electricity to facilities isolated from the electricity grid, small facilities and even on remote locations supplying big amounts of electricity to the national grid.

Wind energy has gained especial relevance over the last decades. As a non polluting renewable energy source, wind farms have become very important to fight global warming. Electricity from traditional energy sources like fossil fuels are highly polluting, so government agencies like the European Union are promoting the use of wind energy instead. This means that by 2030, wind energy will be the main source of electricity for most countries.

Everything You should Know about Wind Energy Farms

But it is well known that not every area in the world has the same type and amount of wind currents. Because of this, wind modeling analysis is key to determine how to make a wind farm viable. Companies like Vortex offer an extensive and accurate wind resource data products that studies the behaviour of the wind, allowing their clients to know every small factor that could affect the efficiency of their wind farms. After all, just a small difference in the wind speed can result in a huge difference when it comes to power production, so we need results to be as precise as possible to prevent us from losing money.

Generating big amounts of energy thanks to offshore wind power

Although wind farms can be located anywhere in the world, it is well known that offshore wind farms generate higher amounts of energy. This can be done thanks to the higher wind speed that can be found on offshore currents when compared to the inland ones.

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But due to their location, getting accurate measurements on offshore wind farms can be very costly and extremely difficult. However, this problem can be solved thanks to the offshore wind data gathered by Vortex wind modelling.

Vortex uses their advanced wind maps (Vortex-FARM) and their high-resolution time series (Vortex-LES) to analyse all the wind information on any turbine location. Thanks to this, Vortex can analyse anything that could affect the wind offshore energy production (like curtailment issues, wake or sector management) without having to physically install any type of wind measurement apparatus on your turbines, and without the subsequent high cost that this type of procedement would usually have.

In addition to this, when you acquire Vortex  wind data for your offshore wind farms, you will gain access to the following perks:

  • The innovative Vortex interface: this modern and easy to use interface includes a free global wind resource map that covers a radius of 9 km around your wind farm, free roughness and topography maps of the area and 6 free months time series.
  • LES: the most precise synthetic wind speed time series that you will be able to find available on the market.
  • FARM: all the information you could ever need to make your wind farm as profitable as possible. From wind farm designs to the most optimal turbine selection to make the most from the local wind currents on the process to generate energy.

Overall, having an offshore wind farm can be very cost efficient when we count on the help of professionals like Vortex.