The air is becoming more vulnerable to breathe all over the planet. Last autumn, two different wildfires devastated vast swaths of California. The Camp Fire taken place in Northern California reached 153,336 acres, damaged nearly 20,000 structures, furthermore killed 85 people; it also gave a covering of smoke plus ash flying over the area. Public institutions in five Bay Area divisions were closed, including residents were advised to stay inside plus protect their lungs from the hazardous air quality. Properties for miles round sold out of everything from medical masks to the suggested nasal filter masks — the only class that can completely filter 95 percent of the tiny bits that do the maximum damage to your lungs.

Hiking around the Bay Area in the weekdays following the Camp Fire seemed like living in a dystopian destiny — the sky a matte shade, the sun a red, alien-like globe, the streets void save a some of the souls, nearly all using nasal filter mask over their mouths. Those couple of weeks might have been not just a dark blip, yet rather a flash into our common future. Moreover, there are contractors poised to profit on it. Because in the day that the CampFire heralds, we are all going to require a good face mask.

The global fate of air quality does not look very good. As humankind continues to make little headway fighting climate variation, fires are presumed to get more prevalent. Moreover, in some instances, like in California, that new pollution is killing decades of increasing air quality.

The American Lung Association predicts that 133.9 million people in the US are opened to unhealthy air circumstances every year. The WHO calculates that 4.2 million people die each year from exposure to atmospheric pollution. A recent article from IQAir carried a group that surveys air pollution globally, highlighted the towns with the worst pollution, many of which were located in Bangladesh, India,  and Pakistan. Most of this air contamination comes from business and other emanations.

Moreover, then there is the dust. All around the globe, deserts are increasing. The desert is crawling, and nobody is noticing, And finally, it will swallow us.

The Sahara is not the only desert that’s been sneaking. The Gobi Desert situated in China has been increasing by approximately 10 miles each year. The Kalahari Desert situated in southern Africa is rising, as is the Maowusu Desert in China, including the Great Sandy Desert in Australia. The southwestern US sees drier conditions also a creeping desert landscape. Moreover, climate models advise that at our current rate of weather change, deserts could increase by 34 percent globally. That is 5.2 million square miles.

With enhanced desertification comes an expanded risk of dust-borne disorders. Dust storms have been connected to outbreaks of whooping cough, valley fever, Kawasaki disease, plus meningitis.

However, what is the common person supposed to do when the air around them is no longer harmless to breathe? He needs to buy pollution mask to protect himself from getting ill.