There may be many reasons behind your decision to switch to Solar Power. Maybe it is money saved on utility bills, or you want to switch to a clean source of energy, do your part for the environment. Solar Energy is, after all, the most accessible type of renewable source of energy for the general public!

Solar Energy in Australia

Did you know that studies have shown that more than 50% of Australia’s energy needs can be taken care of by solar power? The energy sun provides practically never-ending and is a more reliable, efficient source, unlike other non-conventional methods of harnessing nature’s power like the windmills and hydro-powered turbines. Additionally, the rising prices of gas have made solar Panel prices more competitive.

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5 Benefits of Solar-Paneled Houses

Reasons you should switch to Solar Power –

Reduced Electricity Bills:

Although the initial cost of installation is a little high, in the long haul, it’s highly economical, and the money saved on electrical bills will be apparent in 2-4 years (depending on the total energy needs and the solar energy generated). It is even possible to export the surplus power generated back to the grid if you produce more electricity than you use for a profit!

Very Low Maintenance Costs:

Solar Panels, in general, need minimal servicing. The only care they regularly need (two to four times a year) is basic cleaning to ward of dust and dirt. Annual servicing by professionals is usually cheap as well (20£-40£). Most companies provide a warranty of at least 20 years.

Versatile And Diverse Applications:

It can be used for large-scale energy generation as well as energy generation for domestic purposes. Solar energy can be used to provide electricity in areas without access to the energy grid and to distill water in regions with limited clean water supplies. It can be used to heat water (using solar thermal energy) as well as for pumping water and cooking. ( The list is in no way exhaustive!)


The generation of energy via fossil fuels is notorious for its adverse effects on the environment because of the production of harmful gases. Further, Fossil fuels are exhaustible, whereas there is no risk of running out of sunlight.

Minimized Carbon Footprint:

The problem of Global Warming and Climate change that is hanging over our heads as well as the depletion of the ozone layer are issues that require serious attention. Solar panels don’t emit carbon dioxide during energy generation and therefore do not contribute to the Greenhouse Effect.


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There are multiple benefits of switching over to solar energy for our electricity needs. The pros easily outweigh the cons due to the return on investment as well as the efficiency of Solar Power. There is also the option of switching to solar energy to provide partial power and use it in conjunction with the grid. And the fact that it is Eco-friendly and environment-friendly means that it is the Energy Source of the Future!