Businesses use advanced and automatic software for their travel and expense management. They used specific software that suits their need and is compatible with their strategy. However, with the advancement in technologies, the corporate sector reconsiders their strategies related to their credit card. EnKash is Asia’s top spend management platform. Using this platform, you can make your company innovative and enable it to go further toward success by removing its reliance on cash. However, Enkash is not the only option.

If you are looking for reliable EnKash competitors then you are at the right place. Read this article from start to end to know further about the major competitors of EnKash.

1. Happay Epic Card

Happay is known for its best expense and credit management solutions. Happay Epic card is one of the major competitors of EnKash. It is the best solution for payment and financial management, which enable companies to do multiple things including limit collateral-free credit, avoid wasteful expenses, increase visibility, give employees physical and digital credit card, and much more. All types of businesses can use this platform. It eliminates the need for paperwork and manual data entry.

Following are the major benefits that you can get using Happay Epic Card

• It offers automated and advanced tools for budget management based on AI technology
• It enables users to streamline both global and local data in the single dashboard
• It offers a mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms
• It provides lockable digital cards that are compatible with any store
• It offers good customer support with an advance chatbot

2. Karbon Corporate Card

One of the major corporate credit card management platforms is Karbon Corporate Card. It can be your choice if you are looking software instead of EnKash. It reduces the paperwork. This corporate card provides real-time insights and an expense tracking system. It enables users to categorize the payment by merchants, data, and category.

The dashboard of this platform gives greater visibility so you can smoothly and efficiently track your expenses. It provides easy access to the company and employees to accurate detail about expenses. It allows expense admins to increase or decrease the expense cap on any card and account.

Following are the major benefits that you can get by using the Karbon Corporate Card

• It allows users to create an account immediately, which takes less than a minute
• It does not apply any hidden fee to your account when you sign up for its services
• It allows users to deposit, extract, or wire amounts from their cash management account
• It provides complete control to the organization over their employee’s expense
• It gives a clear dashboard for streamlining and managing all the financial transactions

3. SBI Corporate Credit Card

If you are looking for an alternate or competitor of EnKash then this credit card can be the best choice. It is categorized into two major categories “Signature Corporate Card” and Platinum Corporate Card.” Every card is suited to the specific needs of each business. It gives wonderful features including travel and utility purchases, corporate transactions, and digital usage.

Following are some of the major benefits that you can get by using this card:

• It gives wonderful services
• It offers free insurance coverage
• It provides best helping assistant
• It gives a visible dashboard by which you can get quick insights and manage your credit
• It reduces access to the illegal retailer categories
• It comes up with greater security features

What factors you should consider for selecting the alternatives to the EnKash Corporate card?

EnKash Corporate card

Companies must select a credit card that can better meet their needs and demands. Following are some of the major considering factors for choosing alternatives to EnKash:

• Major credit limit

Always select a corporate card that offers a major credit limit. A better corporate card should have increasing credit capacity as compared to personal and business credit cards. By using a card with increasing credit limits, a business can enhance its purchasing ability and management.

• Greater Visibility

A corporate card should give great visibility and simple access to the management and employees to details and insights. Greater visibility enables companies to better streamline their expense and get useful insights.

• Better security

Always prefer a card that offers greater security features like encryption technology and stands with industry standards. A corporate card with locking and blocking features gives extraordinary protection to the credit.