SMSF Crypto Assets: How to Store, Invest and Keep Track


Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, as investors look for new ways to grow their wealth. If you’re looking to invest in crypto with your SMSF, it’s important to understand how to store and track your assets.

In this article, we’ll discuss not only how to invest your SMSF in crypto but also how to store your SMSF crypto assets, keep track of transactions and more.

SMSF crypto assets

How has crypto become so popular in Australia?

Cryptocurrencies have become popular in Australia for a number of reasons. Firstly, the volatile nature of crypto assets means that there is the potential for high returns. Secondly, cryptocurrencies offer investors an alternative to more traditional investments, such as stocks and shares.

Thirdly, there are now a number of ways to invest in cryptocurrencies, which makes it easier than ever before to get started.

How can you invest in crypto with your SMSF?

There are a few different ways you can invest in cryptocurrencies with your SMSF. The most common way is to purchase crypto directly from an exchange. Alternatively, you can invest in a cryptocurrency-based investment fund or product.

Another option is to use your SMSF to buy into a company that is developing blockchain technology. This can be done by investing in shares or venture capital funds.

What are the advantages of investing in crypto with an SMSF?

Some benefits of investing in cryptocurrency through an SMSF include having more control over investments and the potential for higher returns. However, there are also some costs associated with setting up and running an SMSF. These costs can range from annual fees to professional advice and compliance costs (more on this later).

Overall, whether or not investing in cryptocurrency through an SMSF is right for you will depend on your individual circumstances and investment goals.

How do you store your SMSF crypto assets?

Once you’ve purchased your crypto assets, you’ll need to store them in a digital wallet. A digital wallet is a software program that allows you to store, send and receive cryptocurrencies.

It’s important to choose a reputable digital wallet provider as there have been some instances of fraud in the past. You should also make sure that your digital wallet is compatible with the exchange or platform you’re using to buy crypto.

How do you keep track of your SMSF crypto asset transactions?

All SMSF trustees are required to keep records of all transactions made by the fund. This includes any crypto asset purchases or sales. Cryptocurrency transactions can be complicated, so it’s important to keep track of them carefully.

What are the costs associated with SMSFs?

The cost of setting up and running an SMSF can vary depending on a number of factors. However, you can expect to pay annual fees of around $2000-$3000. You may also need to pay for professional advice when setting up your SMSF, as well as ongoing compliance and administration costs.

Many people believe that the benefits of having an SMSF outweigh the costs, and that’s very true. An SMSF gives you more control over your investments and can potentially lead to higher returns in the long run!