Today’s digital age allows you to buy and sell almost everything online. Moreover, with the COVID-19 pandemic, most people have been using online markets to buy and sell their items. If you are interested in selling gold coins, gold jewelry, or gold scraps, then selling online is an excellent and greatly rewarding idea.

The following are reasons you should use online gold buyers instead of in-person pawn shops.

Exact money for value

Gold market prices are set and are available for everyone to view on online platforms. Selling to an online gold buyer like Sell Your Gold ensures that you get the exact cost of the value of the gold item you wish to trade. If you are looking for the best prices for your gold, you are sure to get them online.

This is unlike selling your gold to a pawn shop where their main goal is to maximize profit. No pawn shop will pay you using the gold market price. In-person pawn shops view buying your gold as a one-time deal, and therefore, take advantage and buy your gold at a low price because they may never see you again.

Online gold buyers are often specialists with knowledge of gold and its value. This means they will offer the best price for your gold. It’s unlike most pawnshop employees who have no specialty in gold and may, therefore, not realize the value of the gold you are selling.

Price of Gold
Comfort and safety

Selling your gold online is a comfortable way of making money. The procedure is easy, and it allows you to complete the greater part of the transaction in privacy. Among the best things about selling to an online gold buyer is that no pressure is involved. You get ample time to decide whether or not you will sell to a particular buyer.

Additionally, when selling online, the geographical area of the buyer is not an influencing factor. You can sell to an online gold buyer living far away. This makes the selling process easy, safe, and convenient for you.

However, when it comes to selling your gold to an in-person pawn shop, you have to go out and locate a local shop. This may not be easy if you live in far-off areas without a local gold buyer. Moreover, the selling process is also very intimidating, and you will often feel highly pressured to make a fast decision and sell at meager prices.

Fearing for your health and physical safety, especially in this COVID-19 era, may also contribute to the pressure of accepting a low price being offered to end the selling process as fast as possible.

Several buyers


You get several offers when it comes to selling your gold online. This means that you are offered a choice of selling to an online gold buyer offering the best price. This is unlike selling to an in-person pawnshop where you deal with one buyer, and therefore, your bargaining power is limited, especially if there are no other pawn shops in your local area.

Selling your gold online is comfortable and highly rewarding and is, therefore, the best way to get money for the value of the gold you are offering. All the best as you aim to sell your gold items on online platforms.