AMP is a token built on the Ethereum blockchain and used on the Flexa Network. It makes transactions fast and safe. AMP is a platform that collateralises transactions. For instance, when transfers in other assets do not proceed or take too long to be confirmed, AMP tokens are liquidated to cover losses. The current AMP cryptocurrency price is $0.009056 (July 2022). Current trade volume reaches $7,914,991.

What you can do with AMP

The platform enables fast and secure asset transfers. Staking AMP allows to guarantee digital, fiat transfers, sales of property, and other value transfers.
Send. Being staked, the AMP token can become collateral for transactions. AMP enables decentralisation of assets and transfers risks. Decentralisation provides huge potential for new asset integration and value transfers.
Continuous reward distribution after a transaction is completed is encrypted in the network’s smart contracts.


The AMP token has been audited, and it is completely secure for everyone to use. It enables instant transactions of any value and protects them. So different projects and platforms can use this token to secure transactions and build networks that are capable of completing transfers without delays and danger to security.

AMP cryptocurrency price prediction

Due to the AMP token, the Flexa network made it possible to complete and verify transactions instantly. It refers to digital assets transfers and fiat exchange, sales of property, loans, etc.

The AMP cryptocurrency price grew by almost 130% in 2021. Experts are optimistic about the AMP crypto price further growth – $0,097 by the end of 2022. If the project keeps developing and improving, the token’s rate will grow.

The token is available on the following crypto platforms: KuCoin, Paybis, Gemini and WhiteBIT.

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