Homebuyers who are required to evaluate their financial situation and search for the right loan may turn to a mortgage broker Brisbane for help. Mortgage brokers at Brokerco complete pre-approval applications, offer advice on the lending environment, and itemize necessary documents.

Questions To Ask A Mortgage Broker

To find a broker who will work with you, as opposed to pushing a specific lender or loan package, may translate into a successful and pleasant home buying experience.

Before going to the broker’s office, review the list of important questions you want to ask.

The first question to ask is for the estimate in writing without them requesting your SSL or asking you to send in a cheque. They must provide you the information with no obligation.

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If they do not do that, cross them off your list. Make it clear that you are still shopping and you want to get everything in writing so that you can compare offers. This may help you in finding the best mortgage broker to help you purchase your dream home. The questions you may ask are

  •     Do You Specialize In Particular Types Of Mortgages? If the broker’s specialization does not match your requirements, you may have to look elsewhere.
  •     How Long Have You Been A Broker? A broker having less than three years of experience may not have a deep knowledge enough to set up special financing outside the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage.
  •     Is My Set Of Circumstances The Type You Have Handled Before? A broker unfamiliar with your specific mortgage hurdles may lack the experience to work effectively on your behalf. You may end up wasting money and not getting the best loans for your requirements.
  •     Based On What You Have Learned About My Situation So Far, What Type Of Loan According To You Fits Me Best? Why? If the broker’s explanation of the options is not clear or contradicts information you have already learned through your own research, move on.
  •     How Long It Will Take To Close My Loan? Barring unresolved loan issues, mortgage brokers who cannot provide a conditional commitment for a loan within two or three days of receiving your application are wasting your time.
  •     How Will You Be Paid For The Services? Mortgage brokers who charge more than 2% of the loan value may be overcharging.

How Mortgage Brokers Get Paid?

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Mortgage brokers charge fees when the loan is originated and range between 1% and 2% of the total loan value. They are paid either directly by the homebuyer or through the lender underwriting the Mortgage Loan, they can no longer be paid by both.

Many homeowners do not have the cash on hand to pay the upfront cost of buying a house. These costs involved appraisal fees, the mortgage brokers fee, and the title insurance.

Some brokers arrange to wrap these costs into the Mortgage. If you can afford the upfront costs of a house and treatment, involving broker’s fees, you will pay less for the life of the mortgage.