For Limited Startups and Bloggers: Where Can You Get Your Amazing Logo?

ForLimitedStartupsandBloggers WhereCanYouGetYourAmazingLogo?

Before you look further this post, please note that these logo makers list are prepared for people with little or even no budget but still want to make a logo for their startups and websites. Even we often learn the logo is the face of business and speaks out for their company.

There is an ugly truth that the logo plays a limited role in the development of new open companies and new websites. That being said, the logo is an integrated part of them. Moreover, it would be better to have an impressive and reliable one. Well, we are about to introduce to you the best 7 logo makers or logo template resource.


DesignEvo is a robust online logo maker which makes everyone especially people with no designing experience to make logo effortless. This service builds a stock of gallery of almost 10,000 premade templates. With its an extensive collection of fonts, icons and shape, plus powerful editors, you can enjoy your logo designing and get your brilliant logo.


LogoTypeMaker is an online logo design platform that provides low-resolution logo downloads for free versions while high-resolution logo would cost you a fee. It is worth mentioning that it also allows you to make a logo from your phone.


For Limited Startups and Bloggers- Where Can You Get Your Amazing Logo?

FreeLogoDesign features providing a platform for users to make a logo for free, but now it is charged if you want an advanced service. It gives you a variety of pre-built templates. And you can use many fonts, colors, and icons this program provided to create your logo by following the designing process. However, the files of you download are not a high-resolution. Therefore, if you want to get a higher resolution, this would you a small fee. Besides, you could get more customization option with its premium plan.


It is straightforward and quick to design your logo with Designimo. Entering the name of your industry and brand, and then the system will automatically help you search for relevant logo templates, and generate small samples. Like other similar services, the low-resolution logo can be downloaded free of charge, and the high-resolution logo is paid for. Compared with other platforms, Designimo is more convenient. Just need to enter the company name and customize the logo.


Logomakr is a logo design tool with paid and free plans that prepare thousands of icons and hundreds of different fonts and a variety of built-in color options. You can freely arrange and combine the designing resource provided by the system to design your works. After the design is completed, you can export the logo.


The logo design service provided by LogoGarden is also quite comprehensive. Its online editor prepares a large number of design templates, through keyword search to get the match templates, selecting fonts, setting color and other elements. Follow these steps; you can design a logo for a few minutes. However, if you want to get a high resolution or vector logo, you have to pay for it.


In addition to designing professional Logo in Logaster, you can also create envelopes, business cards, postcards. To use this program is very simple, selecting the template after registration, adding elements to adjust the effect, etc. After finishing these progress you can download different format files.


This kind of service is only suitable for cases where the requirements are not high, but the time is urgent, the budget is limited or no budget, the logo, of course, could not equal with the professional designers and designing agency.