HR technology has been a decisive facet in people management. During the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially, industries witnessed a surge in the relevance of modern HR software, which continues in a steady and ambitious trend. Thus, triggering seamless workforce management.

Modern businesses are rooted in flexibility and the only way to achieve it is the use of rapid data management systems. To retain your company’s relevance in modern trends, navigate to for HR software that gives your business an edge in the competition.

Meanwhile, learn here about the future HR trends that will come to fruition by 2021.

Refined Data Analytics

We have come to discover that like nature, business is evolving and at a faster pace. Your business requires HR software for the sake of efficient, reliable, and secure data management. It entails having well-refined data analytics.

It gives a company the needed knowledge to analyse available information regarding a specific situation in a company.

Data analysis

While you analyse the information, modern HR software provides advanced insights to enable your company to make thoughtful and well-informed decisions. This trend also mitigates the rates of trial and error testing methods.

Moreover, data analytics is now presented graphically to include live curves indicating past, present and predicted future performance.

Advanced Security

Before now, security was a major concern, and a huge factor to consider when selecting HR software.

According to multiple reports, however, the security measures have been reviewed and the methods of data management are encryption-driven to protect against unauthorised access to the company’s confidential data.

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Top HR software services from providers such as CezanneHR have announced full security restructuring focused on keeping HR data safe with configurable Security roles, single account sign-in, end-to-end encryption, refined password systems and much more.

Inventing Flexible Manpower

ONS, in the newest report in the UK, states that 31% of working adults worked from home exclusively. 54% either travelled to work or worked from home while 16% neither travelled nor worked from home.

Considering the growing trend amidst the pandemic, HR software has been redefined to function dynamically and bring the sensation of working in the office to an employee’s home.

Attract and Hire

In essence, current restructured and remodelled HR software gives an away-from-office feeling to employees to ignite the dwindling connection they have while working with colleagues.

Even within the office premises, but not on the desk, an employee can access available tasks and get them done just as they would on the desk.

Communication Made Easy

Over the years of manual data management, some companies face language barriers, often resulting in hiring particular language speakers to keep business communications alive within the company and when serving clients.

Modern HR technology arrives with robust and enhanced software that offers international self-service human resource management.

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HR software now features professional language translations with user-friendly configuration options. Despite the easy-to-do setup, the company can still contact the every-time available support team for assistance.

Updated Recruitment Tools

Top organisations are fast adopting the software for human resources to select the best candidates during recruiting.

A survey reported by SHRM’s ‘Transforming HR Through Technology’ Guidelines discovered that almost 75% of organisations use technology for recruitment. Of course, the number is expected to grow steadily to 85% as more informed organisations in the UK and beyond continue to sign up.

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With such a growing emphasis on online recruitment and the actual cost of recruiting and developing talent, companies are beginning to implement significant plans to help them maintain a competitive advantage over their rivals when it comes to recruiting and retaining top talent.

The guideline report indicates that major companies such as Oracle and Capital One use data mining to help answer key HR staffing questions. They use data mining to help reduce employee turnover by accessing and reviewing employee turnover data from previous years and align that with statistical models to help identify and predict the highly-skilled employees that are at a greater risk of deciding to leave their organisation.

Focus on Employee Performance

Modern HR is expected to focus more on employee performance. As mentioned in an article from Collabera, there was a survey from CareerBuilder that reported that 77% of employees look at candidates possessing soft skills.  By having these soft skills, it provides candidates with the ability to differentiate from the competition in the job market.

Furthermore,  the National Soft Skills Association reports that 85%  of job success can come from people having well-developed soft and people skills.

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Through performance management modules in HR software, companies can help streamline their performance management review processes. For appraisals, employees and employers can agree on SMART objectives and goals in how they can align their soft skills efficiently within their job role.

From frequent appraisals, it can enable an employee to thoroughly understand their strengths and weaknesses and know areas for improvement regarding their soft skills.