The CChC, Cámara Chilena de la Construcción (Chilean Association of Construction in English), has presented the last activity in the industry, showing a similar increase of sales in the Real Estate Market as in 2019. Although there was 7.4% less development than the previous year, it states that, even during the pandemic, the industry continues growing at its pace.

On the other side, the offers of properties raised 6.6% after a significant decrease since 2018. This is the 4th impulse in the year, which is very positive. According to the last report, in the city of Gran Santiago, there was an offer of 52,224 properties, the highest level in twenty months, and the speed of the sales increased exponentially.

The Impact of the Pandemic

The Real Estate industry in Chile was worried about the hypothesis that predicted a negative impact after the pandemic, but there was also a concern about how the selection of properties would change. Experts would say that there would be a fall in the prices and that the acquisition of properties outside the city would increase. According to the theories, the houses with gardens and terraces would be the most selected.

However, the people continue buying and selling their properties. And, as the numbers demonstrate, there is an increasing trend in the market; even when the balconies and terraces are more valuable now than they used to be. The prices are also a major concern for those that want to buy or rent, and the homeowners.

Optimistic reports

A report by the Central Bank in Chile says that the prices added in the Residential Real Estate industry had an annual increasing rhythm of 5%. A consulting company called Knight Frank said that the analysis during the second semester of 2020 saw a 0.3% increase in the prices which corresponds to the previous twelve months, but then there was also a decrease of 2.6% in six months in the entire country.


In conclusion, the experts and the statistics affirm that not only there is an optimistic premonition for the offer of properties, but also the prices and operations.

The Tourism Industry in Chile

Regarding tourism in Chile, the Government had designed a strategy to show the world how attractive, diverse and sustainable is the country to gain tourists. But the pandemic has changed the goals and the authorities were forced to restructure the program.

The hotel industry in Chile is extensive, and they rapidly set a change of rules implementing the new ways of hosting tourists. The major hotel groups adhered to the requirements to continue receiving people from all over the world.

Nevertheless, the accommodation industry needed to stick to the demand. The pandemic obliged the hotels and accommodation chains to focus on the different aspects of the COVID-19 consequences:

• Permanent disinfection and cleaning services
• Health care assistance
• More space and fewer guests
• Security protocols
• Physical distance


An Accor survey showed that 77% of the respondents preferred the guarantee of the items above instead of paying less or having a favorable cancellation policy. Therefore, we can be sure that the pandemic won’t stop travelers or visitors, or the citizens movingto Chile. The industry will continue growing and rolling.

The best areas to work, live, and invest in chile

There is a great number of Real Estate Agencies in Chile, and they operate according to the region. The country has 6435 km of coast and has a total surface of 756,102.4 km². It is considered a developing country.


You should know that the Real Estate Agents in Chile are not regulated. Anyone can be an agent. But, what do they do? Well, agents represent the homeowner and they work on commissions. The agents are the intermediary between the seller and the buyer. But, be careful! They are not qualified to make contracts unless they are part of a serious Real Estate Company.

Which are the best areas to invest in Chile?

Santiago Down Town – There was a restoration of patrimonial neighborhoods and historical buildings, which allowed higher prices and more demand. It has quality connectivity, modern and well-furnished buildings.

Estación Central and San Miguel – These two regions have more economical prices and their annual rentability is between 6% and 7%.

Los Condes, Providencia, and ÑuÑoa – This area is characterized by a general development. It stands for its commerce, business, and cultural centers.

Rent, buy and sell properties in Chile

Chile has a dynamic Real Estate market, where you can rent, buy or sell your property. There are different agents and portals which will guide you through the process and provide you all the steps you should complete. The market offers options for everyone. Furnished or unfurnished, apartment or house, long-term and short-term contracts, and much more.

Below are some of the top agents in Chile:

Area Cero

The company offers opportunities for investors or administrators; it has a catalog of new and used properties and lists the properties where you can invest and earn money. The group takes care of every detail, including the management of the financial aspect.

Palma de Santiago

A group of owners and administrators who offer furnished properties in different parts of the world, but which the main headquarter is in Santiago. They provide detailed information and quality pictures of the properties.


Its services are the selling, buying, and rental of properties not only for individuals but also for investors and companies. They cover all the aspects of the process and have more than a decade of experience in the market.


Remax is a well-known Real Estate Agent in Latin America, who offers all kinds of properties and provides assistance in every step. It gives complete guidance and covers all the corners of Chile.

Andes Los Leones

The architecture group offers new and comfortable properties for rent in modern buildings, all-inclusive.

Find your property

Santiago Chile

There are thousands of Real Estate Agents in Chile. And the decision goes in hand with several things you should take into account.

The Real Estate Agents usually work in a certain area due to the projects they are involved in, not all Real Estate Agents offer assistance during the complete process, some of them have no presence on the internet yet, and all of them will charge a commission for the operation. Among other things, those are very important issues.

Frementa is a company where you will find all the things you need if you decide to rent, buy or sell a property. It is a portal that gathers all the information online to offer you the best option and the property that will suit you best.

You can take a look at opportunities in real-time and request assistance at any time. Find the property of your dreams in the place of your dreams!