We’ve all seen that scene from Office Space where they smash their office copier into smithereens, right? Maybe a similar scenario played out in your office and that’s why you’re searching for a new one? Either way, it’s best to avoid that level of frustration, so choosing the best office copier machine is worth it.

Choosing the right office copy machine is not that hard. But it takes time to figure out your needs, which features are must-haves and which you can live without, and finding a maintenance plan that won’t break the bank.

So read on to dive into the world of office copiers and learn about some key things to think about before making your purchase. That is, of course, unless you really do want to smash your copier with a baseball bat. We won’t judge you.

Assess Your Needs

When searching for copy machines for office use, this is the first place to start. Take time to figure out what you’ll be using your printer for. What types of projects do you do? Will you send a lot of faxes? Will it be used primarily as a copier? What kinds of security does your business require?

Consider the printing volume at your company as well as the needs for color or special types of paper.

A small business MFP (Multi-Functional Printer) may meet the needs if you’re printing and making copies at a low volume around 1000 per month. This could prove to be a cost-effective option and eliminate all of the unnecessary bells and whistles. But the sky is the limit in terms of volume as you move up in size and capability.


You may even consider a production-level printer if your business does a large volume and has a need for professional-grade graphic resolution and advanced finishing options.

Learn About Features

Pretty much all MFPs can print, copy and fax, but features usually do not end there. Depending on the model, office copiers can sort, print double-sided, staple, hole punch, fold mail, or bind your printed documents into booklets.

Stacking features like this is a great way to save both time and space in your office, as you’ll only need one machine to handle the bulk of the work.

Take a look at what features your desired copier has and see if it meets up with your needs. This way you can make a purchase based on what you’ll actually use and not have to pay extra for additional features.

When reviewing features, consider growth opportunities for your business. Maybe that booklet binding feature will come in handy someday!

Study the Technology

Just like everything else these days, copiers are incorporating higher levels of technology. A copier should act as a hub for your office, with multiple people linked up to the same machine.

Look for a copier with wireless networking capabilities to make connectivity from multiple machines a breeze. Wireless connections can come in the form of Bluetooth, onboard Wifi, or Wifi ready, with the use of a separate plug-in device.

You’ll want your copier to have a LAN connection as well, in the event of Wifi outages. A few USB ports are handy too, to connect laptops and thumb drives directly.

Look for Security Features

With the addition of technology, it opens the door to new security breaches in and around your copier. Think about the level of security you need to have in order to align with your company policy in an effort to protect confidential documents.

Some brands of copiers offer a passcode feature, requiring all users to enter their unique passcode before using the machine. This will prevent unauthorized printing over your network. It will also secure the internal memory of the copier which can save thousands of documents until they are ready to print.

Consider Required Maintenance

Maintenance is essential in order to keep your copier up and running each and every day. There typically won’t be much for you to do except change the ink and run cleaning cycles, but even that is automated.

Hp Envy Printer

The important thing here is to review the service policy of the manufacturer. Will they be able to send a tech out to fix your printer the same day? Will all replacement parts and labor be covered? For how many years?

These are all important questions to answer before making your final decision. You’ll want to know your printer is in good hands and backed by a reputable company.

Don’t forget to factor in the cost of replacement ink cartridges, which falls entirely on you.

New, Used, or Leased?

Brand new copiers can be costly, so it is worthwhile to consider buying used, or leasing. Buying a used or refurbished machine can save you a bunch of money, maybe 20% or more, and still give you all of the features you need. Plus, buying a used copier helps keep hazardous electronics out of landfills, so you’re doing Mother Earth a favor.

Leasing a printer may be a good money-saving option as well. It should help you avoid the big upfront cost while still providing all of the manufacture’s service plans. You could even lease-to-own in some cases, which is equivalent to paying in installments.

It’s not impossible to find all of the features you need and want at an affordable price, it just may take some research and a hunt for the best deal!

Further Investigating Office Copier Machines

Be sure to review all specs and features of each machine in your price range before making a final decision. Aim to get the necessary features for your office, a good service plan, and secure technological features. An office copier machine can be your best friend or your worst enemy, it pays to research everything!

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