Starting a new business can be difficult, especially if you are relying on the income from the company to pay for ongoing living expenses such as food and petrol. The most important thing is to stay calm and take a deep breath because making business decisions under pressure can create bad choices you may regret later.

A common mistake is trying to do everything at once and, as a result, failing to do all of them correctly. Often, it can be a good idea to list everything that needs to be completed in order of priority. Then, you can take your time and complete the tasks correctly one after the other. A good strategy is to create an actionable plan, and we’ve compiled a list of some ideas you could use:

Create a Website


If you want to build an online presence, it will be imperative that you have a website. There are many cost-efficient options, and in most cases, it’s a matter of paying a small monthly fee. Online support is usually available to help you learn the ropes. And, if required, many companies have step-by-step tutorials or video guides. For a couple of options, you can use either Squarespace or, if you want an online shop, you can consider using Shopify.

Digital Marketing

Once you have a website, you should consider contacting a professional digital marketing agency. They will help you create a strategy to capture more online visibility for your website. Digital marketing essentially refers to any form of advertising requiring the internet. Some of the most common channels are:

SEO: Search engine optimisation is the process of helping to improve the online visibility of a website within the organic search results. Organic search results are located under the Google Ads section and below the local maps listings.

Creating helpful blog posts that provide valuable content can also help you gain more visitors to your website. It will also help build brand awareness and encourage more potential customers to contact you when they require your services.

Google Ads: Formerly known as Google Adwords, can benefit a new business because it can allow them to rank at the top of the page almost immediately.

One of the advantages of using Google Ads is the ability to switch it on and off whenever you wish. Also, you can customise your campaign so that it is only displayed in specific regions or even countries worldwide.

Google Business Profile


Creating a Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business, is a free tool provided by Google. Creating a listing is reasonably straightforward, but try to complete as much information as possible.

Typically, to verify your business location is genuine, Google may send you a postcard with a PIN to verify your business. Once you have confirmed your listing, it’s a good idea to accumulate genuine reviews. Be sure to respond to them to show Google you are actively managing your listing.Waiting for the payment details from you. You can also embed Google reviews to your website to encourage your users to leave more positive feedback.

Letterbox Drops


One of the most cost-efficient and easiest ways to advertise your new business is using an old-school method, such as a letterbox drop. It’s essential to create something catchy, even better if it’s something people can usually use, such as a fridge magnet.

Also, it helps make an offer that can only be redeemed by holding onto the item. If possible, try to ensure the flyer is waterproof; otherwise, you risk the chance of all of your hard work going to waste.

Working for Free

It may seem counterintuitive to offer to work for free for someone. However, in many cases, people will provide you with payment despite the fact it wasn’t ever requested. Even if you work for nothing, they may refer you to others, and you have gained additional experience.

It’s important to use particular caution when working for free as an employee for another company. Sometimes it can also be called a non-paid internship. Make sure you conduct your research before agreeing to ensure you know upfront what to expect.

Radio Advertising

Startup Mistakes to Avoid

Radio advertising costs can sometimes be overwhelming if you contact the main stations. However, it’s best to ring around and try and negotiate a deal with some of the smaller, more regional outlets.

One of the best ways to gain exposure is by offering your services or products for free to use for a competition they are running. Doing so will potentially enable you to get free online advertising.


Creating a new business can be very challenging but rewarding. We hope that some of the ideas shared above can be beneficial. The most important thing is never to give up.