IndustriTAG, a division of GA International, is an industrial label manufacturer of specialty labels and tags for industrial environments. Their comprehensive durable industrial product labels are fully customizable to satisfy any functional requirements you may have.

Designed and tested to withstand the harshest applications and the toughest environments, they can be adapted to various industries and comply with multiple industry standards.

Industries Served

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IndustriTAG’s in-house team of scientists has created industrial tags designed for specific industries. They use unique adhesive constructions for hard-to-label surfaces and the best raw materials to create labels that can withstand exposure to harsh chemicals, extreme weather conditions, and wear-and-tear from heavy use.

Some of the industries they have created labeling solutions for include the electrical, automotive, biomedical, and aerospace industries.

They have various heavy-duty labels and tags for the automotive sector, including tire labels, windshield labels, and acid-resistant battery labels, cryogenic and specialty labels for the biomedical field, as well as safety and warning electrical labels for the electrical industry.

This includes unique label constructs, such as lumber and brick labels for construction, small labels for electronic circuit boards, and plant labels for identifying the plant, not the pot.

They also have various labels that can be used across a number of industries. This includes wire and cable labels that can be used in aerospace, construction, and the electrical industry, chemical-resistant labels for chemical manufacturers, labeling pesticides and fertilizers in agriculture, and the oil and gas industries.

They also have industrial tags and labels that withstand the high-heat conditions encountered during steel manufacturing and perfect for under-the-hood labeling of car parts.

Custom Industrial Labels

Custom Industrial Labels

In addition to its extensive catalog of ready-to-order labels, IndustriTAG is also always ready to help you design a custom industrial product label.

Their technical support team can help you choose from a wide range of durable materials, adhesive types, sizes, colors, configurations, printing methods, as well as between a selection of topcoat and varnish options.

They will also provide free samples of their existing and custom industrial labels so you can test them before you buy. This ensures you can buy with confidence, knowing the labels will work for your exact application.

Their customer and technical support continues throughout and after purchase. Their knowledgeable team is always available to address your questions, troubleshoot your problems, and offer advice.

This includes an experienced research and development team that regularly tests their products for quality control purposes, ensuring only the best quality labels make it to market.

Custom industrial labels designed for you will also go through rigorous testing, in line with their ISO 9001:2015 company certification.

Manufacturing & Printing Services

IndustriTAG as an industrial label manufacturer with 20 years of experience, can also provide various printing services and options for when you need your labels pre-printed and ready to go upon reception. They offer double-sided printing or printing on adhesives, a selection of unique constructs, using digital (laser and inkjet), flexographic, and thermal printing methods.

They can also provide their heavy-duty labels pre-printed with your information, including logos, full-color graphics, printing from a database, 1D and 2D barcodes, and variable data printing (VDP).

This should help you run your operations efficiently with a hands-off approach to asset identification.

Their DataGARD printing service can also generate laminated VDP labels. Ideal for labeling electronic and heavy use equipment that needs to be accurately identified for asset tracking or maintenance. This ensures the information is protected even when exposed to challenging environments, such as harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and heavy-duty cleaning and lubrication processes, abrasion, as well as scratching and friction, remaining legible and scannable.

They also provide barcode grading services to guarantee accurate and consistent scanning of your barcodes.

Made to conform to the most stringent international industry manufacturing standards and certifications, their barcode grading and verification system can generate, verify, and provide linear 1D barcodes, 2D QR codes, as well as barcode grading reports of an individual or specific barcode sequence.