Marketing is one of the strongest tools that informs and persuades customers into buying different goods and services. Marketing has a long history probably as long as humans have engaged in trading activities. It has taken various forms over the centuries and it continues to evolve till date. In the last century or so advertisement through television and print media has been the most commonly used mode of marketing however the tide has now shifted.

The advent of internet and the rise of social media platforms has massively changed the landscape of various aspects of our daily life. Communication and connecting with consumers is no longer a problem of today’s world.


Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Tik-Tok have millions of users on their platforms, which has made it very easy for brands to communicate their messages to a large pool of customers.

No matter how easy communication has become brands still have to work on their approach towards marketing their goods and services. In the days of television and print media, marketing was very generic and was targeted towards the general public in expectation of gaining consumer attention. Nowadays brand marketing is more focused, targeted and consumer-centric, which has caused brands to rethink and redesign their marketing strategies to master social media management.

Brands can now ensure that their advertisement reaches the right audience and how do they do that? Well, we‘ll explain it to you:

Brands have now focused on marketing their products through “Influencer Marketing.”

What is Influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is using Influencers to advertise products and services for different brands.

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Who exactly are Influencers?

An Influencer can be defined as an individual who has a cult following among the masses (usually in thousands). Influencers are so called because they have the ability to inform, persuade and convince consumers to trying and buying out products of different brands. Just like in the past brands used famous actors and sports personalities in their advertisement because of their huge fan following; the focus has now shifted to social media Influencers. Actors, sports stars and famous personalities from all occupations have their personal social media accounts and fall into the category of Influencers.

Influencers are not necessarily some actors or sports stars, these days anyone can become a social media Influencer. All you have got to do is create content that is appealing to a certain category of people who are willing to follow you.


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Some very well-known examples include Grant Cardone who is entrepreneur and has a huge following on social media. His recommendations are very strongly followed and endorsed by a huge fraction of the youth which has made him one of the most popular social media Influencers.

A new Influencer under the spotlight is Daniela Titiun, a Tea fan, fashion lover and wunderluster. Daniela’s background is in business and fashion, but she’s always had a passion for Tea. What started as a passion, turned into a business and she created a website called Tea Cachai. It features tea reviews, education, recipes and recommended products which went viral.

Another very popular Influencer is Dan Brazilian who is known as the “Playboy king of Instagram” because of his extravagant lifestyle. The examples are countless as there are countless Influencers in every country, region, city & town.

There are multiple factors that have contributed to the growth of Influencer marketing but some of them stand above the rest. One major factor is of course the monetary aspect. Money is very important to everyone and Influencer marketing seems to be providing a win-win situation to both parties.

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Brands can get product endorsements from multiple Influencers in the same budget in which they previously could only get one television advertisement. Instagram Influencers who have collaborated with certain brands give them multiple avenues of advertising their products.

A certain Influencer posts about a brand on their Instagram feed, on their Instagram Story and also keep it on their highlight reel for new followers to see. Furthermore, it is not only limited to Instagram only as Influencers post the same content on their accounts on other platforms of Facebook, Snapchat and Tik Tok etc. So one Influencer has following on Instagram but also on Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, Tik Tok and the list goes on and on. This itself serves as a huge wave of consumer attention for brands as they get their message across to multiple users.

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Influencer marketing is certainly one of the most growing forms of modern day marketing. It has allowed brands to make their marketing more focused towards desired target audiences and at the same time allowed Influencers to give truthful reviews of products & earn money alongside.

Influencer marketing is the name of the modern day marketing game!