Can you imagine having to learn to walk again? Famous singer/songwriter Gloria Estefan had to do just that.

Gloria Estefan’s injuries took place after a tractor-trailer rear-ended her tour bus, breaking her back. After missing a year of concerts and tour dates, her injury lawyer was able to get her $8.95 million in compensation.

It’s obvious Gloria Estefan did the right thing by hiring a lawyer. However, not every personal injury claim is so straight forward.

To help answer the question, “Do I need a personal injury lawyer?”, we’ve created a short, but complete guide.

Read on to learn about 4 situations when you should hire a personal injury lawyer.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

To figure out the answer to, “Do I need a personal injury lawyer?“, it helps to asses your situation. You can start by asking yourself these questions:

Was I hurt because of someone else’s carelessness?
Are my injuries impacting my life?
Will I need an expert witness for my case?
Am I going to be dealing with an insurance company?

Legally, you don’t have to get a lawyer to represent your injury claim. However, the moment you hire a lawyer, you greatly increase your odds of getting the compensation you deserve.

Level the Playing Field

A qualified lawyer will be able to even the playing field as they help you negotiate settlements. They will also be able to guide you as you take your case to trial. When you find a good personal injury lawyer, they’ll be happy to listen to you as you thoroughly explain your situation.

Know Your Options

There are a lot of attorneys out there who will offer you a free consultation, to assess your specific situation. This means that before taking your case, the lawyer will be able to explain to you whether or not you have a strong case against your insurance company.

After listening to you it’ll be their mission to gather evidence, as well as record information that they think can help your case. Next, your lawyer will talk to you about all of the different courses of action that are available to you.

4 Instances When You Might Need to Consult an Injury Lawyer

Having legal help becomes especially important when you’re dealing with insurance companies.

1. Insurance Company Denies Your Injury Claim

Let’s say you sustain an injury, and decide to file a claim with your insurance company. If the insurance company denies coverage for your injury, it could be for several reasons. When an insurance company denies your claim, it’s often a sign that you’ll need the help of a personal injury attorney.

Here are some of the reasons an insurance company might deny your claim:

Policy exclusion
Lapse of coverage
incomplete claim
Delay in treatment
Limited medical records
Failure to avoid injury

A personal injury attorney can be very helpful if an insurance company flat-out denies your claim for one of the reasons above. They can also assist if your insurance company accepts your claim, but offers you a low settlement amount.

2. Slip and Fall Cases

As a standard rule, slip and fall cases are difficult situations to represent by yourself in. One of the first problems is that it can be difficult to establish who is at fault during a slip and fall accident.

Property owners, and insurance companies, aren’t going to want to accept blame for your fall, even if they’re at fault. It’s also likely that the defendant will try to downplay your injuries. That’s where the help of a personal injury attorney comes into play.

What Your Lawyer Will Do

It’ll be your lawyer’s goal, to prove that the property owner was negligent, and their negligence played a role in causing your injury. The first thing your lawyer will do is get the attention of the insurance company, and the defendant.

Next, your lawyer will begin to investigate exactly how your injury took place. Finally, your injury attorney will gather evidence to prove that the nature of your injuries cost you financially.

personal injury lawyer

For instance, if you fall and break your leg and can’t work, your lawyer can help prove your loss of income. By organizing, your medical records, and employment records, they can paint a picture of how your injuries are impacting your life.

3. Workplace Injuries

Anytime you’re hurt on the job, it’s a workplace injury. Here’s a shortlist of common workplace injuries that might require a workers comp lawyer:

Falling off a ladder
Spinal cord injuries
Struck by a falling object
Broken bones
Chronic exposure to chemicals
Transportation accidents
Safety harness failures

After the injury takes place, 1 of 2 things needs to happen. Either the employer needs to file a worker’s compensation claim on behalf of the employee, or they need to honor the claim the employee files. If the employer is responsible for the worker’s injuries, a lawyer can help increase the compensation the worker receives.

4. Medical Malpractice

When a healthcare professional fails to do their job properly, it can turn into a medical malpractice case. Whether the medical professional is a nurse, doctor, or another professional in charge of a patient, it’s their responsibility to provide acceptable treatment.

If a patient sustains an injury or dies because the medical provider failed in some way, you definitely have a case. It’s always a good idea to get a personal injury lawyer if you’re dealing with the medical malpractice case. Simply put, medical care is a very complex subject.

Your lawyer will be able to help you navigate the complexities, while also launching their investigation. If your lawyer can prove the health care provider’s at fault, their next step will be to show how your injuries are affecting your life.

Get the Compensation You Deserve

Do I need a personal injury lawyer? In many cases, the answer is a loud and resounding, “Yes!”.

Whether you’re dealing with a slip and fall injury, or something more complex, it helps to have the support of a strong legal team. For more ways to get the support you deserve, read another one of our articles.