Refineries are hazardous to work with a long list of dangerous materials used in the refining process. Although dangerous, the work done on these plants is crucial for the success and maintenance of the American economy and society. As a result of these plants’ attractive nature, employers may not necessarily make labor safety a top priority, instead emphasizing their bottom line. Under these circumstances, the accidents that occur are truly devastating and often cause catastrophic injuries to workers.

Injuries from an industrial refinery can cause a worker to become inactive, suffer from long-term medical procedures, and even injure a permanent injury. For more information on how workers can protect themselves, consult a refinery explosion lawyer.

Use of highly flammable substances


In every chemical refinery, the use of explosives or combustibles is very common. Since oil is highly flammable and explosive, the industrial-grade components that go into the refinery process also prove to be equally hazardous. Due to the use of these chemicals in the process, the refineries became known as the site of large explosions, which claimed many workers’ lives and kept them in good health.

In addition to refinery explosions, there are also serious chemical hazards that can cause catastrophic burns. With hardened materials such as sulfur in the cleaning process, it is not surprising that refineries generally have strict safety protocols so that one of the many chemicals can be sprayed to reduce injury.

In addition to burning, chemicals such as chlorine used to refine the oil may be injected into the air. This chemical has been used as a military-class weapon in previous wars and can cause serious harm to humans, even in small amounts.

Professional attorneys


Refinery accident lawyers are aware of the complexities involved in various risks related to insurance and legal matters. Some contentious issues that lawyers need to deal with, for example; Compensation for loss of life as a result of disability, medical expenses, loss of wages, and mental and physical distress. Accident lawyers assist victims in litigation and mediation fights to receive insurance benefits after an accident injury claim.

Some of the cases handled by our attorneys include workers’ compensation, slip and fall lawsuits, collisions, offshore accidents, faulty machinery, explosion liability and refinery accidents. Injuries caused by accidents in the workplace bring with them a number of physical setbacks, including physical injury, recovery costs, and a stressful relationship between the victim and her employer. Refinery accident attorneys at Zehl & Associates can be helpful to determine workers’ compensation claims without a stressful process.