Every state runs on jurisdiction set by the governing authorities, and everyone living and working within the state must be confined by these rules. However, a foreigner or even a native who does not know the complexities of these laws and regulations and not paying heed to them can land in hot water. That is why it is critical to hire legal consultants in Dubai and around the world to be informed of the legislation for businesses or simply for living by these laws.

Corporate organizations, real estate investors, and other businesses are in need of legal consultants most of all. It is so because living in metropolises like Dubai, where rules are strict and disobeying can lead you to imprisonment, having a legal advisor by your side can educate you on laws and protect your rights. However, hiring one can be tricky, and you may come across many confusions.

In this article, you will get to know why hiring legal consultants is important and what qualities you should look for while hiring. So, stick it till the end to know about it all.

Who Is a Legal Consultant?

A legal consultant provides legal consultation to individuals and businesses. He/she is an expert in the discipline and helps clients build and run businesses as per the law. Furthermore, legal consultants get 7 years of experience in the selected industry. They also keep track of current laws and regulations, thereby ensuring their clients do not miss anything.

As mentioned above, every country or state has certain rules that both nationals and foreigners need to follow. In a major metropolis like Dubai, foreign businessmen and entrepreneurs show immense interest in starting a business there, aiming to earn great and establish a reputable business. A legal consultant helps them establish the business on legal foundations and run it by following legal requirements.

Why Are Legal Consultants Important in Dubai?


Whether moving to another country for a business setup or starting one in your own territory, establishing a business requires strategic planning, stable resources, investment, and much more. It is not a walk in the park. Lack of planning and making proper strategies can land you in hot water. When you look for partners or marketing experts for expanding business, hiring a legal consultant is equally important to make sure everything is done as per the law. They also present your company in the courtroom and handle legal proceedings.

Unfortunately, businesses do not feel the need to hire legal consultants relying on the internet for essential information. Undoubtedly, the internet has no dearth of information and can be a way out for cost-conscious companies, but it is not a permanent solution. Countries like UAE are run by federal laws, but every emirate in UAE has different laws for economic activities.  So, you will need a legal consultant as google is not a suitable replacement.

Qualities To Look For When Hiring A Legal Consultant

Now that you know why legal consultants are important and how they can help businesses let’s discuss the qualities one should look for when hiring them.

1.   Check Certification

First thing first – look for certification. As they will accompany you on the most crucial matters, checking credentials and certification is essential to ensure they are professional enough to handle even delicate matters smoothly like an expert. One thing businessmen should bear in mind is that lawyers and legal consultants are not the same. Lawyers handle the judiciary, and legal consultants get certification in specific domains. To put it simply, lawyers get you out of trouble, and consultants keep you away from issues.

2.   Hire Experienced Lawyers

Another thing on the checklist is to see how much experience they have. If they have assisted companies before, they will be familiar with the jurisdiction and help you perform better, leveraging their years of experience. Such experienced professionals also have good rapport and connections, which can assist in resolving matters faster.

3.   Check Clienteles

Check if they have worked with similar businesses before. It will help you shortlist the suitable options.

4.   Thorough Research

Many names on the list can make decisions difficult. So, weigh the options narrowed down by checking the accessibility. If the consultants already have much on their plates, they may be unable to help you with tailored solutions.

5.   Fee Structure

Financial consultants and advocates in Dubai are found to be expensive. So, hiring them permanently or hourly will depend on the overheads and other financial factors.

The Takeaway

In all, legal consultants can help boost your business by making beneficial contracts and making productive strategies. Look for renowned law firms to hire the best consultant without unnecessary hassle.