Being involved in a car accident can mean way more than being injured or needing to replace your vehicle. It can have life-long consequences for people who were in the cars and those who witnessed, too.

Here are the real costs of being involved in a car accident, and some ways in which you can reduce the impact.



The main thing that most of us are concerned about when we hear that a loved one has been involved in a collision is their health. How are they? Have they broken anything? Will they survive? These are the primary questions that we ask ourselves. Of course, the most important thing for anyone involved in a car accident is to seek medical advice as early as possible. Even if we feel absolutely fine, there is a chance that there is internal bleeding, that adrenaline is keeping us going or that our injuries just haven’t surfaced quite yet. Heading straight to the emergency department is a must, regardless of external appearances.

The impact being involved in a car accident can have on our mental health will differ from person to person, of course, but it can be significant. It is vital that we go easy on ourselves and try not to apportion blame as that will prolong the emotional trauma. Stepping back inside a vehicle following a collision can be challenging, and rightly so, as you will undoubtedly relive those all-important moments prior to, during and after the smash. Getting back behind the wheel or even in the passenger seat as early as possible can help to reduce the length of time it takes to feel emotionally recovered.

Mental health problems no longer go hand in hand with the stigma that once existed. In fact, opening up about your emotions can reveal you to be a much stronger person than someone who keeps those feelings inside, which can only lead to negativity eventually. If you feel that you would benefit from speaking to someone, enlist the help of a qualified and recommended counsellor who will be able to get to the root of your concerns. They should be able to help you develop coping mechanisms, allowing you to call upon strategies to support your recovery. Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is common amongst people who have been involved in car accidents, often involved flashbacks. Do not be afraid to admit that you need help. Doing so will enable you to continue with your life in a positive way.

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As with health, many people can find themselves struggling to feel like themselves anymore. And this can have a profound impact on the way in which they interact with others. Relationships with spouses, family members and friends can be heavily affected. While understandable, it is also preventable. Opening up to your loved ones about how you are feeling and the way in which the car accident has changed your life can be a great start when trying to build relationships back up.



Following a car accident, the bruises might be obvious on someone’s face and the dents and scratches, at least, on your vehicle, but we all know that the financial impact can go way beyond that. Of course, your car will have taken a huge hit, but a decent insurance policy should ensure that you are covered for the majority of the car-related costs.

Unfortunately, being involved in a car accident can mean that you need to take time off work or you need to pay for medical appointments, some of which may not be covered by your usual health insurance policy. We always advise seeking the advice of a qualified and experienced car accident lawyer. They will be able to support you, whether you are to blame, or another party is, and aim to get financial compensation for what has happened.

For some people, the injuries they suffer because of a car accident can be life-changing, and not in a positive way. Recovery can be lengthy and, even then, not all people regain full function of their bodies as they once had. This often leads to an enormous impact on their career. If someone struggles with their short-term memory following a collision, it is clear to see why this might have an impact on someone whose job involved quick reaction times or remembering key information.

Unfortunately, for some people, legal costs will need to be considered if they are in any way to blame for an accident. Some insurance policies cover this, so be sure to look at yours carefully if facing any such action.