Using Your Company MS Teams Conference Recordings

Microsoft Teams Video Conference Recording

Industries are adopting Microsoft Teams on a global level. Maybe your business is considering deploying MS Teams into its customer service operation because of its powerful conferencing and screen sharing features. Or perhaps the release of Operator Connect presents an opportunity for increased revenue opportunities for your business.

Whatever your reason for deploying it, it may interest you to know that combining Teams with a compliant recording platform can have enormous benefits, especially when capturing video conference recordings from your MS Teams meetings. Here are four major benefits to recording your MS Teams meetings.

1. Scoring MS Teams Calls for Quality Assurance

Microsoft Teams Video Conference Recording

Recording call audio has been a common practice across the globe for decades. Over the past decade, video conferencing has moved from the boardroom to the mobile device. Microsoft Teams connects companies to their customers every day, and those connections are increasing including Teams’ video capabilities.

Call recordings are the focal point of a company’s quality assurance practices, but video recording provides a third dimension to your quality effort. We listen back to the audio of a call recording to monitor what our employees are saying to our customers.

But when your customer representatives use video, it’s equally important to see what your customer sees. A compliance recording platform that securely captures all media from Microsoft Teams meetings is a critical component of your QA process.

2. Enhance Internal Training with MS Teams Conference Recordings

Microsoft Teams Video Conference Recording

Many benefits of recording Microsoft Teams video mirror the benefits of recording customer call audio. The time-tested practice of using call recordings for internal training curriculums is greatly enhanced by adding video. Coaching your call center workforce is an increasingly more complex task.

Agents may connect video meetings on-site or from a mobile device, raising call quality issues with your customers. Use your video recordings to show employees how to conduct external-facing MS Teams sessions properly. Your recordings will allow you to show them the best and the worst practices, so they’ll know not only what to do but what to avoid.

3. Increase Your Collaterals by Publishing MS Teams Recordings

Microsoft Teams Video Conference Recording

Realistically speaking, a conference is a conference, whether we call it a podcast, a webinar, or an online training session. Using Teams videos for training purposes doesn’t have to take place internally only. Your team’s video recordings can have immense value to your audience and potential new customers.

MS Teams

Here are a few use cases:

● Publishing the video conference of a consultant hired to share knowledge about your industry to a podcast.
● Adding engineer training videos to a paid user portal for users who use your product at an advanced level.
● Using cleared videos of your techs helping customers over Microsoft Teams in a marketing campaign.

4. Reinforce Compliance Efforts with MS Teams Video

Video Conference Recording

Depending on your industry, recording your customer interactions isn’t just a matter of improving business practices; it’s a matter of legal compliance. Extracting all video feeds from Microsoft Teams will help you reproduce the entirety of a call involved in a customer dispute. When trying to settle a dispute, more data is always better.

Being able to see what everyone was doing during the call, along with any application screen sharing, gives you an additional dimension of understanding about the disputed interaction. Some call recording platforms are also able to capture the agents’ desktop along with all feeds for Microsoft Teams. Combining this much data virtually reproduces the call in its entirety.

Even if your company is at fault, you will save time, money, and reputation by discerning the error quickly and providing your customer a remedy.

Record Microsoft Teams Video, It’s Smart

As people connect over Microsoft Teams in a growing number of industries, the number of reasons to have recordings of video interactions will rise as well. When it comes to your customers, there’s just too much to learn from these videos to ignore the idea of recording them.

As for expanding your market presence and upskilling your employees, there are tremendous benefits to be had from deploying a Microsoft Teams video recorder.