Shawn Bullard: A Real Estate Investor with Style

Shawn Bullard

Shawn Bullard is a young, innovative successful real estate developer. He also starred in the popular reality show, WE TV’s Match Made In Heaven.

Shawn came from the streets of Philadelphia, PA. He credits overcoming the streets and bad influences due to his wonderful parents, his church and sports.

Shawn was a three-sport athlete in High School, football basketball and track, and he was an All American in track and field.  He attended Johnson C Smith his freshman year, then transferred to Temple University in Philadelphia. He became a full football scholarship athlete. After he graduated with a degree in Sports Management from Temple University, he spent three years playing for the National Football League.

Shawn experienced a bad injury, breaking his femur in a game. He then realized he needed to have a career he could control that provided a great income and future quality lifestyle

He overheard teammates discussing buying homes to rent out to college students. At that point Shawn new real estate was the key and the rest is history.

Q: What are the first steps to begin investing in real estate?

A: My first step was to educate myself. I read as many books as I could on money, real estate and positive thinking in business. I listen to real estate investing podcasts and I become obsessed with the real estate game.

Shawn Bullard
➢ Build your team: locate one or two great contractors that have integrity and great reviews.
➢ Make sure to build or have good credit.
➢ You must understand the real estate costs, it is a balance of how much it can rent for or what number you can sell it for a profit.

Q: Can you share your story about your first commercial investment?

A: It was a twin Victorian with a hole the size of a crater from the roof down to the basement. I bought it and began renovating. I hired a contractor to fix the building, but I was not seeing the results to justify my payments. One afternoon I walked in and saw three guys painting one window. One painting it, one holding a three-foot ladder and another one watching them. I fired them the next day and started to manage the construction myself. Before I even had it almost completed, I rented the building to a fraternity house.

My portfolio is made up of mix used real estate. That’s when a building has commercial space on the first floor and apartments upstairs. I always loved the commercial component because it can help shape a community and you have more influence on how the community will grow. Even with covid-19, I believe mix -use properties are the way to go. Just underwrite the commercial as extra income and not as income needed to make your value.

Q: Who is your favorite designer for clothes?

A: Whatever clothes are affordable and good quality and fits me right. I’ve never been a guy that believed in spending on designer clothes just for the name. That’s money that could go into my business.  But, if I had to choose a designer, I do like Louis Vuitton.

For my personal style, I prefer my clothes and suits tailored and fitted.

Q:  Do you have a favorite car?

A: Aston Martin

Q: What you are your favorite vacation spots before Covid-19?

A: I don’t really take vacations. I’ve been a workaholic my entire life. Also, when I do travel, I try to make it a business trip.

Shawn Bullard

I’ll look at some potential real estate deals where ever I go. But Miami is my second home because I travel there often for business. It has everything you need, restaurants, shopping, beaches and so much more to offer then just south beach. Also, there are cultures from around the world in Miami, which makes it fun to experience.

Q: What Are Your Goals for 2021?

A: I added 40 units to my portfolio in 2019 so I hope to at least duplicate that or double it, and to launch my ZADDY Men’s Skincare line. More importantly be happy and healthy!

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