Startups are no longer Silicon-valley dreams. Everyone here can nowadays create a webflow startup from just having an idea that can help the world in one way or another. In fact, there are many more opportunities for people of any background to leave their mark in the world and, in this article, we will help founders understand how the landscape will look like in 2021. Are you ready? Let’s delve in.

1.Remote becomes more important

Large office spaces are no longer needed – not for the employee’s wellbeing or the company’s budget. If we learned anything from Covid-19, it is that remote work can be just as productive and better for the work-life balance of employees.

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An upcoming trend that we start to see at the moment is for companies to rent smaller spaces (houses or apartments) in one or more cities and allow their employees to come in there whenever they feel like it in order to work in a social environment.

2.Money > perks

Sure, it is nice to offer free membership, wine-fueled Fridays, and an option to invest part of an employee’s salary in stock options. However, not everyone that works in a startup wants to join a Google-like office environment. When you pay a higher salary instead, you become a more lucrative option in the marketplace and allow your employees to buy the perks themselves if they so want to.

3.Introverts are ok

Previously, many companies expected introverted employees to adopt a different behaviour of communication in the office. This often resulted in the employee feeling out of place and extremely insecure. This trend is slowly starting to change, as personality and culture fit is no longer of major importance. Instead, employees can put more attention on their work and their performance.

4.Outsourcing is actually great

If you think about outsourcing as a last resort for your business then think again. The trend is slowly picking up and many startups are now outsourcing large parts of their work tasks. The most common example is their MVP product development. Many companies don’t have the manpower or expertise to set up a complete MVP product in a matter of a few short weeks, in order to test it with the first batch of customers and show it to potential investors.

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This is why many agencies are starting to help out. Software development agencies like Coara are able to help founders build an MVP product exactly how they want it while offering helpful advice after feedback is given.

5.Love beats fear

Many companies adopt a fear-based business model, where employees are pushed to perform better simply because they feel like a superior is looking over their shoulder. This no longer holds any truth and is slowly shifting in a different (and better) direction. What we are starting to see is more founders praising their employees even if they underperform in the short term. Based on the positive feedback, employees feel like they can produce better work and enjoy the process. It is important to remember that, while remaining firm to the company’s objectives, love is a better motivating force than fear.