company registration

You must have heard about the types of the company. And you must have seen that some companies are handled by one owner person, some companies are run by a number of people, and some companies are called private limited and public limited. The reasons are these companies are different in types. There are different types are companies that exist. Some companies are private limited companies, limited liability partnerships, one-person companies, and sole proprietorship, etc. Earlier, for the registration of the company, the people had to fill so many forms and used to submit a genre of documents as well. But nowadays, the registration of the company has become quite easy to get done using digital technologies such as electronic signature software. And you can easily get done at affordable prices online as well.

Know a little bit about the types of company

There are different types of company exist. But the process of company registration of any type of company can be done from the company registration office. Now, you can easily get registered your company online at affordable charges.

company registration

• One person company

This is one type of company which is run by one person. That means there will be no other person having a share with it. But in this company, the flexibility is very less. In this type of company, there is no other person available to invest in the company. In this type of company, there is no share capital.

• Private limited company

The private limited company is not a one-person company. There could more than shareholders so it becomes too easy to explore the company’s aspects. The people buy the share of the company and become to company shareholders. In private limited companies, the outer public cannot buy the share of the company. These companies have a limited number of share capitals. The process of company registration is quite easy to get done online.

• Public limited company

There is no such concept of limited shares. These companies allow everyone to buy the shares of the company. That is the reason these companies are called public limited company. These companies flourish very fast because there are numbers of shares club together and that provides the big shared capital. There are some companies are also called charitable company

The bullet points that you need to keep in mind for company registration

The name of your company should be unique. That means, it should be not matched to another existed company. If the name of your company is matched with another company then your company registration will not be approved. So you are suggested to have the unique name for your company to get the approval of company registration easily.

Whatever you come across the name of the company, you should have a small description and a logical description for that. Many people put the name of the company on the name of the relative person. You can also check the existing names of the company online.

Then you have to produce some important documents while filling the company registration form. So you need to have a soft copy and hard copy of the documents as well. These documents show the name of the company, the address of the company, liability and shares, business aspects, and capital, etc. Then you have to get prepared digital signature.

So there are many types of companies like private limited companies, public limited companies, one-person companies, and charitable companies, etc. So to get registered to your company you have some unique names that should not be matched with other existed companies. Otherwise, they will not approve of your proposal for company registration.