History is being made and written down as we read through this article. Our today will be history for generations to come in the future. Few occurrences and inventions leave an impact that goes on through generations. The advent of technology is one such event that has completely changed our lives. There is hardly any field of life that has not been impacted by the invention of internet and technology.

Technology is itself a whole universe compromised of many different things. One of the most important component of any technological applications is its software. The software determines the running of the application and its integration with the hardware it is installed in. Software development has emerged as one the most sought after fields of the modern day. Thousands of universities are now offering courses in software development as the demand for the experts in the field continues to grow every day.

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With all sorts of businesses now shifting towards E-commerce, the demand for software developers has only increased. More and more business, weather small or large, now require online presence to interact and sell their products which has lead them to develop applications, websites, games and what not. All these developments are based on different softwares. Some of the famous softwares that you may have heard of include IOS, Android and Python etc.

In the last decade or so, thousands of software houses and companies have emerged on to the scene to capitalize on the market of software development. In the United States of America the market for online businesses is huge which has resulted in hundreds of software houses emerging in literally every state of the country.

At the turn of the 20th century, computers were the hottest technological gadgets and majority of the software companies used to focus on developing softwares for computer based applications. From office use, watching movies and even playing games; computers were at the heart of everything.

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With the passage of time there has been a gradual change from computers to mobile phones. These hand held devices which fit easily into your pockets are now one the most common things that you would expect almost everyone to have. This huge demand for mobile phones has lead companies to develop millions of applications for mobile phone softwares.

Some of the top companies in USA such as Innuy Developers have brought hundreds of creative mobile applications to life through their team of expert software developers. One of their most notable achievements include the development of Albert: a marketing intelligence software that has been deployed by hundreds of companies to get better consumer insights and drive digital marketing campaigns. Another very notable application developed by the company includes Groupi which streamlines communications between students and teachers. This application has been a huge hit during the recent Covid-19 crisis.

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