If you just got your company a new office building that’s seen some prior use, you should make a detailed renovation plan to ensure things go as smoothly as possible. There will be lots of areas to cover, and it’s important to have a structured approach to ensure you won’t face any unexpected problems. From identifying the areas that need the most work, to getting in touch with the best contractor for each job, you’ve got a bit of work ahead of you.


Flooring tends to see a lot of wear and tear in your typical office building, and it usually requires a lot of extra attention when you move your company into a new place. You will probably have to redo it completely if it’s carpeted, and hardwood should be inspected thoroughly as well. If you’re installing new type of flooring, ensure that it’s suitable for office use. For example, get extra durable hardwood flooring for areas with office chairs, or alternatively invest in rubber wheels for the chairs themselves. Protective mats can also work well, though they can be uncomfortable in offices where people need to move their chairs around a lot.

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Walls and Soundproofing

Regulations around soundproofing in office environments keep changing, and it’s a good bet that you will have some work ahead of you to ensure that you’re compliant, and to make the office a nicer place for everyone to work in. If your business is more predisposed to generating large amounts of noise – such as a call center – you’ll definitely want to invest in quality soundproofing, and spend more time evaluating different layouts and other adjustments. It can take a while to bring things to a good state in this regard, but it will be worth the effort.

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Security Features

Don’t forget about security! Take a good look around the premises to identify potential issues, and start working on them before you’ve even moved in. Check all doors and windows and ensure they can be locked. Pay special attention to garage doors – this is something that almost always requires professional help to get it done right. Get in touch with a company like Houston Garage Door 4 Business and get your property assessed by them. You’re going to need someone with significant experience in the field to ensure that nothing is left unchecked. Garage doors aren’t just about security, they can be a safety hazard if handled incorrectly, and they’re not something you ever want to work on yourself.

There will also be some individual considerations unique to the building you’ve purchased. Go through the whole premises from top to bottom, ideally with your property manager by your side, and make a list of everything that will have to be addressed. Some of those points might not need immediate attention and can sometimes be handled after you’ve started moving in your actual employees, but you won’t know which ones those are without coming up with a full list of things that require your attention first.