Everyone seems to rely on social media these days. Despite the intrusion of online creativity and smart gadgets, the old-fashioned way of networking – face to face – is still in demand. Perhaps people still believe in human contact when it comes to connecting with others, even in a business environment. So, what should you do to collect (or distribute) contact information when you meet professionals at meetups and events in your industry? Should you take down everyone’s details on your phone? Or simply ask for their business cards or hand them over yours?

Probably, you might be wondering – do people even use business cards in this era of digitalization? And, the answer is yes, they do! Several mobile apps indeed allow you to connect almost instantly; however, many professionals still believe in using business cards for business connections.

Though business cards are hugely popular, merely passing out cards to others isn’t an effective way of networking. Read below our helpful tips for using business cards to make business connections.

Business Card

  1. Use professionally designed business cards

To create a good impression on clients and customers, you need a professional approach. Your business card represents not only your brand but also you – whether you’re an expert in your field or not. Instead of blowing off opportunities by using amateurish cards, design a professional business card with a clean layout, necessary details, readable font style, and a high-quality picture.

  1. Give your business cards liberally

If you want to express your interest in business or people you meet, don’t feel shy about handing out your business cards. The point is not to overthink or be too picky about passing out your contact details.

It’s essential to remember that you must not pass them out like a dealer, but don’t hold yourself back either. Doesn’t matter how much you or your company have invested in that business card; they’re useless if they sit only in your briefcase or pocket.

  1. Remember to ask for business cards from others while giving yours

Networking isn’t about letting other professionals know about your brand or business. You’re present at events or meetups not only to represent your business but also to build connections with others. So, don’t just shake hands, give your business card, and walk away. Instead, ask them to give their own card.

As you learn about them, write some notes on the back of their cards. This way, you can remember them later and can even reach out to them to make a good, lasting impression.

Business cards are still a successful marketing tool for brand promotion and building a professional network.

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Some Elements that Your Business Card Should Include

Even in the world of digitization, a business card hasn’t lost its charm when it comes to networking and communication. When created thoughtfully, not only does it provide legitimacy to your business, but it also helps you stand out from others and exchange crucial information with your prospective customers.

That said, creating a business card that has the right information and attention-grabbing design is no easy feat. While you can seek help from the best wholesale business cards printing services, you may still need to decide on what to include in your business cards. And this article is going to tell you just that. Let’s find out:

  • Identification and Contact Information

To start with, your business card should have real information about what you do and how to reach out to you, regardless of the design you choose. A few elements that comprise business’s information are:

  • Your name and business name
  • Contact information such as email address and phone number
  • Information that tells what you do — real estate, photographer, web developer, etc.
  • Website URL if any
  • An image describing your business

In advertising, a picture is worth more than a thousand dollars. Thus, if you add a picture to the business card that shows what you do, it is sure to catch eyes and leave a lasting impression, which will help prospective buyers to reach out to you when and if they need your services. However, it can be a little tricky to select the right picture that defines your business. The best bet is to get professional help, preferably from the best printing services that offer print business cards using high-quality materials.

  • Colors

Long gone are the days when black and white business cards would work. Today, they are outdated and don’t stand a chance. This is why it’s vital to add colors when designing the card; however, only choose those colors that reflect your business personality.

Also, don’t add too many colors as they may cause distraction. If you find yourself spinning your wheels, don’t hesitate to get professional help.

Functions of business cards

In a nutshell

A business card is still as effective a marketing tool as it was decades ago, provided it’s created meticulously and has the right information and an exceptional design that hooks people. If you are clueless about how to go along with printing your business cards, get professional help from the best business card printing services.