Coffee shops, while still more than relevant in our culture, have been suffering greatly during the pandemic due to occupancy limits and social distancing. Luckily, in many places around the world, cafés are once again full of students, remote workers and chatting friends.

While no one knows how much time we have until the next lockdown, we know a few other things—popular coffee shop trends that shape the industry and attract customers. Do you want to learn about them and implement them in your café? Well, here’s your chance:

Aggressive branding

The coffee shop industry is overflowing with competition, so in order for businesses to stay afloat, they need to build a strong brand presence and boost their visibility. Through their brand, cafés can engage with their customers, retain old ones and attract new buyers.

Building a strong brand identity is not an easy task, but it’s very effective, so don’t hesitate to jump into renovations and create something unique, interesting and bold.

Boost in technology


To improve the customer experience in the world of COVID-19, many coffee shops are turning to technology. New tech can simplify daily operations and help with faster and better customer service, making things more convenient for everyone involved. Your lovely workers need to welcome guests and prepare drinks, but technology can help them by streamlining various processes, tracking the inventory, gaining insight into stock levels, etc.

Many coffee shops also use online ordering systems and quick pickup to keep the lines moving. Australian direct debit providers Ezy Pay offers software that ensures payments are collected through a streamlined system.

Interior design trends

Drinking coffee in a coffee shop needs to be an experience fit for all the senses, so many businesses are paying more attention to their interiors to attract Instagram and TikTok people.

One of the main interior design trends in coffee shops today is finding unique ways to display baked goods and packaged coffee. Attractive seating is also important today. To fit the desirable European vibe, Parisian chairs in different patterns are beloved by many coffee businesses both for their indoor and outdoor spaces. They create a strong first impression and a great backdrop for photos.

When combined with larger tables more suitable for group meetings and remote work, these chairs will keep your customers cozy and happy for longer.

Another trend lies in improved privacy through bookshelves, lattices and screens—perfect for romantic dates or confidential conversations.

Sustainably grown coffee


When it comes to drinks, more and more coffee consumers want to be sure they are not contributing to any unethical practices. Fairtrade and sustainable coffee will continue to be present in up-to-date coffee shops. Many people need to have insurance that their coffee is bought and sold for a fair amount of money and that their coffee-drinking habits don’t damage the environment.

Vegan coffee shops

To retain customers and attract new ones, coffee shops are innovating to meet new demands for food and drink that caters to vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free folks and other people with special dietary needs.

If your business doesn’t offer vegan options, you could be missing out on many new customers. The fact that we now have coffee shops opening and serving strictly vegan drinks proves one thing: catering to vegans is more than just a trend, but a way for your business to survive.

Imported flavors

Coffee is huge on the Internet, and we now have access to the coffee-drinking habits of people from all over the world. This sparked huge interest in international coffee flavors and recipes, with Asian coffee trends taking the central stage.

Besides the TikTok famous Korean whipped coffee (Dalgona coffee), we also have an increase in demand for Vietnamese egg coffee and iced coffee. Turkish coffee is another variation of the drink, with a powerful coffee taste and cute presentation in tiny Turkish coffee cups.

Thanks to easier access to coffee, the industry might be on the rise, but success is never guaranteed. The market is super saturated and restrictions put strong brakes on the upward trajectory of many coffee shops. But, if you follow trends and maintain the high quality of your drinks and service, expect a steady stream of coffee lovers.