Being an organization where many people are employed, it is a difficult task for security as well as the HR staffs to keep track of all employees. Many innovate ideas have been formulated to find a solution to such problem and minimize the team and the organization dispute over attendance, accidents, and payments most effective is the use of employees time card. An employee needs to punch the card while joining the duty and again punch the out time while going home after work. After hitting the card while entering the premises, it needs to be securely kept under security supervision so that the in and out activities of any employee can be traced looking at the cards that have been deposited.

Time Card Rack

This card needs to be cared for as any damage to them might delete all the employee data stored in them or force it to malfunction. Therefore, the best solution to store this type of cards while the employee is in the office or workshop premises is to use the time card rack. If as an employer or an HR or security staff thinking what they are, let us discuss here about them and the benefits they can give both to the employees and the employer.

The Racks

A time card rack is nothing but multiple slotted frames with pockets to hold the time cards in a systematic and organized manner sorting the cards and keeping them safe. They are racks that can be hung on a wall having provision for lock and key so that the tags are secured. One can customize the size of the slots depending on the size of the cards. Not only that, the material of the racks can be made from various items including aluminum, plastic or stainless steel so that the cards do not bend while keeping them in the slots.

The Benefits

  • The cards while stacked in the slots of the time card rack stays secured and do not get damaged if kept otherwise. It helps to organize the cards in an organized manner, and in-charge can count them whenever necessary to get the exact figure of attendance.
  • The security personnel on duty in the organization can keep track of the employees and any leftover card on the rack at the end of the duty hours of the employees enables them to pinpoint the employee and trace the whereabouts.
  • They save the card from the cards from the effects of the extreme outdoor atmosphere as they are kept in a closed enclosure since the time card rack comes with a cover and shutters with provisions for lock and key for long term use and employees job safety.
  • The slots of the time card racks can be customized and can be increased or decreased as per company employee strength, and the employees do not need to care for them while at work as the cards are kept under safe custody in an orderly manner.

Getting The Racks

Many manufacturers in different countries manufacture these types of racks, and they can be bought readymade or through specific orders if customization is needed. Usually, the design is like the pyramid structure, and as already discussed, they are made up of a variety of materials.

Time Card Rack

The price of the racks vary according to the size and the material, and if one is need of them in Australia. The price varies according to the number of slots and the provision for having shutters with lock and key.


With the time card rack in place, it becomes quite an easy task for the security staff and the employees to keep them in an organized manner without any fear of loss or damage during the working hours. They also help the security staff to keep track records of the entry and exit of the employees and tracing any employee whose card is left behind even after the duty hours.