Getting a gas connection in the house is a massive advantage since it allows for the immediate and healthy cooking and heating of food. There are alternatives that many people use, especially in rural India since there is a misconception that domestic cooking gas can sometimes be expensive but, in theory, that is incorrect, especially with the tons of schemes that the Government is pushing out regularly.

They initially had a scheme where they were charging people the regular price for a gas cylinder and then would transfer the subsidy back to their account. Their main reason for doing this was to reduce any issues and exploitation taking place in between. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, they changed the way they were working and started giving out the gas cylinders at their discounted prices.


Under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana scheme, the Government is planning on providing an LPG gas booking to five-crore BPL households. Additionally, the Scheme provides financial support of Rs 1600 for each LPG connection to the BPL households, an interest-free loan to purchase a stove and refill by Oil Marketing Companies. The administrative cost was Rs. 1600 per gas connection, which included a cylinder, pressure regulator, booklet, safety hose, etc. The Government would bear the cost of all of these requirements.

To improve and increase the number of gas registrations currently in the system, the Government is working on making and moving all the LPG registration forms online. They are creating a new eGovernance platform that has all the information about gas companies. They put up the prices of various companies depending on the fluctuation based on the specific city and the registration cost. People should also find out about the time that the companies take to deliver their gas cylinders so they can plan accordingly. Furthermore, all companies aren’t located throughout the country, and there are some that only service states or cities and they would not be able to assist people, not in the vicinity.

Various companies also have their ways, schemes, and benefits that might be a benefit to the clients who work with them. Some allow their clients to book a new cylinder, or a refill through an app, while others have rules about calling the company on specific days. Ideally, it would benefit applicants to find out all the information they could about the company before planning on working with them.

The process of applying for a new gas connection is quite simple, with people going through the online portal and filling out their information online. They can choose to download the application form and fill it out in person, or they can fill it online and upload their supporting documents. The website provides a list of supporting certificates online, and they can refer to it. If they decide that they want to fill it out on paper, they have to get an appointment at the office. They have to make copies of the supporting documents to the office and give them there.

After all the information is filled in and verified to make sure the information on the forms and the paperwork match, the office would book a date when they ould send a representative to the house for the connection. They have to make sure they verify all the safety measures and the other information that is needed. They would then set the new connection up, connecting the pipes to the stove. Post working on making sure everything is working, they make sure there are no leaks and the house os safe.

There are regular checks that gas companies usually handle in households, and if there are any issues, applicants can always call their company and get their gas connection fixed. There are a lot of safety rules put in place making sure people are safe, and if there are any issues they can call them out immediately.