Drilling is a process that cuts holes into a concrete surface and this is often achieved with the help of a core drill. The drill is almost like a hole saw that removes unwanted material in a cylindrical way, while what is left inside is often referred as the core. This is the reason why the machines used for drilling are named as core driller. Now, working with a driller can be a complex task as there are many unknown factors that may arise while using the machine. This is the reason why implementing the best techniques is a must.

If you are planning to get a core driller and are uncertain about the techniques that should be used for the process, then worry no more as this article explains the top five methods that must be implemented while using a core drill. Why wait anymore, read ahead to know more about these exciting techniques.

The Important Techniques Used For Effective Core Drilling


Core drilling is a basic process of cutting concrete that is commonly used for:

• Extracting analysis or sample materials
• Recessing fixtures and lights
• Creating roadway holes to dowel drilling or drainage system
• Installing plumbing, HVAC or communication systems
No matter what the purpose of using a core drill might be, there are certain techniques that can be implemented in order to achieve the best results and these include:

1. Water

While drilling an area that comprise of a wet core, the most vital aspect that you need to consider is water. Most of the people believe that the more water is present near the driller the better it would be, however that’s not the case. Excess of water would apparently wash away the particles leaving nothing exposed to the driller. This is the reason why water should never be applied till the slurry formed during the process is thick and has a creamy consistency. This consistently indeed is effective when drilling a wet core.

2. Speed


The motor should be set at a correct speed (revolutions per minute), as this would bring a significant difference to the process. The driller performs uniform cutting, and this is the reason why every part of the surface must be fixed at a correct rotations per minute. Too fast, or too slow would only make the process more complicated. Most of the electric core drillshave varied speed control systems and this enables the operator to choose a particular setting, letting them operate the machine at the desired speed.

3. Anchor

Great anchor is essential for straight core. Here, a good technique is to have physical anchor that are specially rated for the core drill. In addition to using the best methods and techniques, the anchor would cater optimal results. Moreover, if required a base vacuum can also be used that would provide a smooth gasket for safe and effective drilling.

4. Power

Apart from the speed, maintaining the power of core drill is also crucial. Again, most of the drillers use electricity as a major source of power and while using them to have an ampere to measure the power. The drillers might be pushed to work at its maximum ampere rating,however it must never exceed the predetermined value.  Exceeding the value would affect the motor and this ultimately will alter the productivity of the drill. This principle is also applicable while using a hydraulic drill for the purpose.

Drilling may be a daunting task, but when the right techniques are implemented the entire process would take place in a seamless way. Plus, with the use of the aforementioned methods you can save both time and money.